Onederstruck is a story about a girl named Maggie who loves one direction, especially Harry and Louis. She is turning 16 and is about to have her dreams come true. When her mom books one direction to play at her sweet 16 party, Maggie is speechless. But will one direction be everything she dreamed of? Or will they be just another boy band? Read to find out :) xx


1. Meeting one direction

Maggies POV
"Mags, the band I booked for your party is here!" My mother hollered up the stairs. I sighed. "Coming mom!" I yelled back. She didn't tell me which band she chose because she wanted it to be a surprise. Probably another crappy band, like last year. My last birthday, my mom booked some band called "The Z Baybez" who were some band no one knew, and all they did was complain about everything. Never again. I reluctantly got off my bed, turned off the one direction up all night cd, and huffed down the stairs. I hung my head so when I reached the bottom of the stairs, all I could see was my white toms. "Well she looks kind of glum." a familiar British accent said. No way. I darted my eyes off the ground to see the one and only, one direction. My mouth dropped to the floor. " direction?" I stuttered. "Mags, this is the band that will play at your sweet 16." my mom announced. My stomach flipped and if there hadn't been a banister right next to me, I would have collapsed. I smiled ear to ear at my mom. She just nodded, and said, "I'll leave y'all to it," and she said and walked into the kitchen. Just then, Louis stepped forward and announced,"Hello lass, I'm Louis. But call me lou." Before I could think I said "I know who you are." I blushed, embarrassed but he just smiled. Then Harry stepped forward and said, "Who doesn't? I'm Harry! And hopefully I can get to know you as well as you know Lou" he said and winked. I giggled, shocked. Suddenly, a thick Irish accent said " Move out of the way, you flirt," Harry scooted over to the side. "Hi 'dere I'm Niall." The blonde said. "And this is Zayn and Liam." I smiled and waved. They smiled back and said hi. Then Niall said, "Do you have any food?" I giggled and said,"Yeah, my mom made pancakes for breakfast." They nodded and walked into the kitchen, but right before Harry walked in, he said "Hopefully they are as sweet as you are." I blushed and giggled as he walked into the kitchen. I followed and sat in the empty chair between Louis and Harry. I still couldn't believe the day in having.

Harry's POV
When Maggie walked down the stairs, I knew she was beautiful. I looked at Louis and Zayn, who's mouths practically dropped open she was so pretty. When lou said she looked glum, her head shot strait up and she looked me right in the eyes. Her eyes were a beautiful blue, and her light brown hair laid on her shoulders. Then she looked at the rest of the boys and her jaw dropped. I could tell she was a fan. But she stayed pretty cool, but her first words were " direction!" which made me think that she was shocked to see us. I guess her mother hadn't told her we were playing her party. Then Louis stepped up before I could. There was no way I was letting him get this girl. I wanted her to be mine. So that's exactly what I plan on doing.

Louis POV
Once Maggie walked down the stairwell, I could tell I was going to like her. She had the prettiest blue eyes and her light brown hair was loose around her shoulders. My mouth dropped and I knew Harrys and Zayns did too. Before anyone said anything, I announced "well she looks glum." Suddenly, her head shot up to look Harry right in the eyes. I clenched my fists. No Harry. This girl is mine. I stepped up before he could and said "Hello lass, I'm Louis. But you could call me Lou." I smiled and she said, "I know who you are" I smiled at her. She knew me! That's a good start. Then Harry stepped up and said,"Who doesn't? I'm Harry, and hopefully I can get to know you as well as you know Lou." he announced and winked. Urgh
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