Hope and Us

Hey, thank you guys if yer gonna read my book it really means a lot to me ingnore the comments I put on there please. I hope you like it.


3. The cave

Louis's P.O.V
Zayn,Liam, and Lilly found a empty cave and now we are heading over to it for shelter because are camp before was pretty much just a fire. I looked at Remy, she looked really exsausted probally, because she was holding Le-Anna and and Liam said that the camp was still far away. "Here, let me help you." I told Remy while I tried to grab Le-Anna out her arms but Remy flinched and tightend her grip on Le-Anna who was only 3."I'm not gonna hurt you or here you just look really tired". She glared at me and walked towards her sister who was in a deep conversation with Zayn about their survival plan. Remy glared at me I barely knew her and she glared at me I didn't even know she was capable of that she looked so sweet and pretty.Then, I see her give Le-Anna to Harry now, I was ticked off.
Finally, we go to the cave before the sun went down. Harry, was flirting away with Remy. I decided to lay down do I closed my eyes but the some one tapped me a light tap. I open my eyes and little brown curls where in my eyes "Cam I lae dwin wit you I sleepy". A small voice asked and I assumed it was Le-Anna "Sure, Love". Cuddled against me an I fell asleep.
Harry's P.O.V
Dang, Remy is fit but she is really nice and funny. I like her a lot maybe after all this we could be together "Has anybody seen Le-Anna". Remy said looking very worried "She's asleep with Louis love". I getting pissed off with Niall he been hitting on Remy and I could tell Louis fancied her. Remy looking relivied "Well then I'm going to bed night". "Night Twinzee". Zayn raised and eyebrow " nickname " "I think I'm gonna go to bed to good night Remy" Niall and I said . We all went to sleep eventually in our cave.
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