Hope and Us

Hey, thank you guys if yer gonna read my book it really means a lot to me ingnore the comments I put on there please. I hope you like it.


2. Survived

Lilly's P.O.V
I open my eyelids and see someone standing in front shaking me. "She's awake, I knew you weren't dead.I felt your heartbeat , I'm going to carry you ok love." I winced when he piked me up"Sorry love, we will be at camp soon". After awhile, I started to walk on my own. "By the way my names Liam and yours"? "Lilly, wait"!! I screamed "where the heck is my sister oh my fruiting god where is she". I screamed agian Liam looked worried "What's her name"? "R-E-M-Yyy"I said between sobs "What dose she look like she has blond hair with some red and grey/blue eyes and wearing purple skinny jeans". I mannaged to say "I think she's at the camp I am not sure though". Liam grabbed my hand and ran to the camp. Like, a half an hour later we go to the camp. I let go of his hand and searched for Remy there where about nine other survivors. Then I spotted blond/redish hair and ran towards it. There Remy was lying on the ground, eyes closed, hugging a little girl, and was sobbing. "Remy, you alive".i screamed she jumped off from wher she was and hugged me "Lilly, I love you so much".
Liam's P.O.V
Lilly was hugging who I suspect is her sister. The boys just came back from fishing. "Remy,Lilly and..." I did not know what the little girl name was. "Le-Anna". Replied Remy hugging her sister and Le-Anna. "Remy,Lilly and Le-Anna this is Harry,Louis,Niall, and Zayn". The guys looked at Remy,Lilly and Le-Anna. Normal old Harry was eyeing Remy so was Niall and Louis but Zayn was staring at Lilly once he figured he got caught he blushed.
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