Hope and Us

Hey, thank you guys if yer gonna read my book it really means a lot to me ingnore the comments I put on there please. I hope you like it.


1. Oh God

Remy's P.O.V
"ding ding ding" I jumped up out of my bed and pulled the plug to my alarm clock out of the wall. I ran out of my bedroom and went streat to Lilly's room. I walked right over to her bed and screamed at the top of my lungs "Get up sissy, come on come on we gotta get ready".
Lilly's P.O.V
I heard Remy screaming at me and it woke me right up ( I am not a deep sleeper). I tured to look at Remy and she just smiled and said "Morning, Twinzee in nice to see you awake". Twinzee was Remy and mines nickname for each other. Our parents been calling us Twinzee # 1 and 2 since newborns. I smiled thinking about it and Remy nodded as if she knew what I was thinking.
Remy's P.O.V
Then all of a sudden Lilly looks at the clock witch read 5:08 and yelled out " Oh crap, we gotta get ready remember we have a flight to the U.K. To visit Aunt Kelly an Unkle Luke ". I ran out of her room and went in my room's bathroom to take a shower. After, my shower I put on my yellow skinny jeans and my my pink one sleeve shirt. Lilly came right in my room wearing a baby blue summer dress with black ballet flats. Her red hair that reached her elbow was pulled in a braid with a baby blue bow at the end of her braid, her hazel eyes matched her outfit perfectly. " You ready, mom made us toast and is ready to drop us off at the airport." I nodded my head and grabbed my phone, purse and suit case.
Two hours went by and we where at the air port. Lilly and I gave hugs and waved our good byes to are parents who where quite emotional about us leaving. We went throught the whole x-ray things.
Lilly's P.O.V
Remy and I got on to our plane and made our way to second class. Our mom and dad wanted us to have first class but we said no. We got into our seats and I drifted off to sleep. I wake up to screaming and loud sobs. I look at Remy she is still asleep so, I wake her up in a rush. Remy looks around and then hugs me tightly and starts crying. I yell at her to get nickeled then i see a scared toddler by her self clod to us I grab hear and put her in the middle seat in my row.
Remy's P.O.V
I look around and I'm on a beach and there's body scatters everywhere. I cover my mouth wait, Lilly , oh my god where is she. I see a guy standing up with brown hair I run to him and he looks at me shocked. "NO TIME TO TALK WE NEED TO FIND MY SISTER PLEASE HELP ME PLEASE". I say between sobs "Ok, what dose she look like"? He stutters. I just remembers my wallet I grab it out of my pocket and take a picture of Lilly and me. He nods " let's look together kay".
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