The 1D Daughter

Hi I'm Paige, I'm an 11 year old orphan in New York City. My mom and dad abused me and I ran from home so many times that police arrested my parents and put me in the orphanage. I am a sweet girl but if you make me angry I will attack you.


13. Time Flys When Your Having Fun

(fast foward to October)

My P.O.V.

It's October now, and life's been all most great. We've had our ups and downs. Daddy Liam and Danielle broke up and Daddy Niall had his knee fixed. I've learned to more play songs on my guitar and I've started school. I get my schooling done over Skype with my teachers back in New York. I've got loads of friends now. I'm doing dance and I've learned soooo much since I've been home. My leg has healed up and the thing on my stomach was fixed. Right now I'm with Daddy Lou to go get some food.

"What are you up for kiddo?" Daddy Louie asked me as we walked down the street.

"I'm not sure, what do you want?" I say and pull out my Iphone. Yes, they bought me an Iphone.

"Let's go get McDonald's, we can bring back some for the rest of the lads."

"Ok," I say and pull up twitter. I tweet "going to McD's with Daddy Louie!" We turn the corner and walk in to McDonald's. We pull up our hoods and put our shades on. We order our food and pay, then we leave so no one notices who we are.

"OMG IT'S LOUIE AND PAIGE!!!" We hear girls scream. We say hello and take pictures.

"Sorry girls we have to go our food is getting cold," Daddy Louie says. The girls walk away and we continue to walk home. We reach the house with no fans waiting at the door. We quickly run inside just to be safe. I jump on the couch with the bag of food.

"WE'RE BACK!!!!!!" Daddy Louie screams. The lads come running in. They all grab their food and sit down. I scarf down my cheese burger and fries like it was no bodies business.

The rest of the day we played video games and had a water gun fight, and acted like crazy people like we always do.

*Authors Note*

Hey guys sorry I haven't updated in a while, I've been busy and I had writers block. I'll try to up date more, BYYYYYEEE!!! I LUV U GUYS!

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