The 1D Daughter

Hi I'm Paige, I'm an 11 year old orphan in New York City. My mom and dad abused me and I ran from home so many times that police arrested my parents and put me in the orphanage. I am a sweet girl but if you make me angry I will attack you.


5. The Last concert

The final Up All Night concert was amazing!! The crowd was so loud and in to it!! After the concert we went back to the hotel room. Everyone was so tired. I had fallen asleep in the van on the way back, so did Uncle Zayn. Daddy Liam carried me up in to the hotel. We were all in the living room area, the boys talking about how amazing the tour was and stuff, I just laid my head on Daddy Niall's lap and listened to them talk. It was really late so I got up and went to bed.
"Good night Princess!!" I heard Daddy Niall scream from the living room area. I just waved good night to every one. I got into bed and drifted off to sleep.

"Boo, Boo, get up, we have to pack up," I heard Daddy Louis whisper in my ear. I groaned and rolled over. I fell on the floor. I heard Daddy Louis laugh, then he helped me up. I stood up slowly and started to pack up my stuff. I had ever little stuff which was nice. I had a few shirts that Daddy Louis and Uncle Harry bought me. Most of them were stripes, which I was fine with. I had a hoodie even though it's summer, some jean shorts, and other stuff. I put my stuff in my little suit case and walked into the living room area. Every one was just barely up. I looked at everyone, they were about to fall back asleep. I giggled and everyone looked up at me.
"Good morning," I said and smiled. They looked at me with an angry look, well ecsept Daddy Liam. I frowned and sat over by Daddy Liam. He hugged me, then smiled at me. I smiled back and put my head on his chest then closed my eyes.
" Ok lads let's go!" Paul yelled as he opened the door. I just stared at him.
" And the little miss," Paul added, then I smiled.
We all squeezed into the van and headed off to the airport...
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