The 1D Daughter

Hi I'm Paige, I'm an 11 year old orphan in New York City. My mom and dad abused me and I ran from home so many times that police arrested my parents and put me in the orphanage. I am a sweet girl but if you make me angry I will attack you.


16. Home

Niall's P.O.V.

When the van came to a halt, I looked out the side window. We were at a mobile station, must be my turn to drive. I sighed as my stomach growled at me. I whispered to Liam "I'm gonna go get some more snacks." He nodded and I gently lifted Paige's head up so I could get up. I ran into the small store and put my shades on as I ran, hoping no one would recognize me. I slowly made my way to the snack area. I grabbed chips, doughnuts, candy, and gum for all of us. I walked over to the cashier and paid the man, then quickly walked to the van. I handed the bag to Lou, who looked like he was dead. I chuckled and hopped in the driver's seat. I followed the GPS's directions on a boring road for what seems like forever, then, I saw it. A sandy beach, a beach house, and a beautiful sun rise all in front of us. I smiled, remembering promising to Paige that we would take her to the beach someday. I parked, and climbed out of the car. I popped the truck, trying not to wake anyone. Liam and Lou came to help me bring our bags inside.

My P.O.V.

I slowly sat up and looked at my surroundings. I saw we were at a beautiful beach with the perfect sunrise, and a beach house that was HUGE!! I looked in the van and only saw Uncle Hazza and Uncle Zayn. I chuckled at the fact that Daddy Lou had drawn on their faces. I got out of the van and felt soft, warm sand under my bare feet. I walked towards the beach house, hoping to find my dads. I opened the door to find this amazing house. "Woah" I said out loud. "Isn't it amazing?" I heard Daddy Liam say from behind me. He started walking away, "Are you coming?" I ran towards him as he showed me our beach house. It was beautiful, and I was speechless. We finally came to the last room on the upper floor. "And this is your room," Daddy Liam said as he opened the door slowly. "Wow" was all I said. "We decorated it ourselves" Daddy Lou said as he popped out from behind the bed. I smiled and hugged Daddy Liam and Daddy Lou.




Sorry that I haven't updated in forever, I've been so busy with dance and school and I've had writer's block for who knows how long. so that was a short chapter sorry. MERRY CHIRSTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR SEXYY PEOPLE!!! 

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