The 1D Daughter

Hi I'm Paige, I'm an 11 year old orphan in New York City. My mom and dad abused me and I ran from home so many times that police arrested my parents and put me in the orphanage. I am a sweet girl but if you make me angry I will attack you.


8. Home

When the plane landed it was really late. We walked off the plane to the airport. We got to the baggage claim and some fans came up to us. I took the pictures of them.

"Sorry girls, we have to go now," Daddy Liam said and the girls nodded and walked away. We walked outside and got a cab. I went in a cab with Uncle Hazza and Daddy Louie. I rested my head on Daddy Lou's shoulder and shut my eyes.

I heard a yell and then CRASH!!! Then the world went black.

"Oh my gosh," I heard Daddy Liam said. I couldn't see anything. Everything was black.

"Please Paige wake up," Daddy Niall said. I could hear the pain in his voice. I was trying so hard to wake up. I tried but it didn't work.



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