Meeting The Boys

Ashley's and her friends' biggest dream was to meet One Direction. None of them would've ever thought it would come true, but they had replayed the moment in their heads many times. Even after all the "practicing" none of them knew what to say when their dream really came true.


1. The Beginning of it All

Ashley: 16 years old. Adores Harry Styles.

Claudia: 15 years old. Loves Niall Horan.

Sarah: 16 years old. Thinks Niall is cute.

Katie: 17years old. Is obsessed with Niall.


"Ashley hurry before youre late to school!" my mother called as i was putting on my perfume.

"Coming!" I yelled in reply.

as i rushed down stairs i waved to my mom ran out the door and jumped in my car. off to Ruston High School, but first i needed to pick up my friends. thank goodness we lived on the same street i was already running late as it was. i pulled up to Claudia's house and imediatlly she jumped in the car and stuck in her new CD.

"Its the One Direction CD!!" she squelled.

i just looked at her and laughed. Which meant nothing considering she knew as well as anyone i would've done the same. As we drove up to Sarah's we were singing What Makes You Beautiful. Sarah came out the front door and imediatly started singing along. Then no one could stop from laughing. Later we got Katie and were all singing to the top of our lungs to One Direction as we drove in to the school parking lot. We all dashed out the car and made a run to the school o beat the bell.

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