Its Gotta Be You

A girl who loves this boy which is already in love with another



Harry's POV
Rar who is this Rar? Something is telling me this was someone she liked why am I like this when im around with her, brotherly senses kicking in. Must know who he is. I told Louisa to go away for a while and call him again, cause me, Franz and the boys are gonna 'talk about something'. She went away. We planned how we could know who 'RAR' is. The plan was complete it was perfect!

We blind folded her and then we took her to a random pool the owner was a fan so she let us use it. We untided the blindfold then I said " ell me who RAR is or else!". "or else WHAT" she said. We had a replica of her drawings, songs etc. she loves to write and to sing we threw it in the pool then she "so I have a extra copy of those". "if you play it that way Loulou" Franz said, she got a exact same replica of her phone she dropped it in. Tell us now. "NO" she said in a loud voice. We ran out of stuff. Then I realized she couldnt swim I pushed her in the pool. That was kinda a bad idea cause I didnt know how to swim too but a boy who lived here. He went straight to the pool and saved her. He carried her bridal style. I really felt bad that was a bad plan. She gave in Rar- Rar is Tom- Tom Daley she was saying while she was pointing to the guy who saved her. "really sorry Louisa I didnt really mean to push-" she didnt let me finish when she walked away. I just saw her in two years and this is my impression. "Nicely played Harry Louis said to me" god what was I thinking I was such a idot

Louisa's POV
I am soaking wet when Louis catched up to me, he gave me his jacket and then he called Eleanor to pick us up that made me a bit sad I really like Lou now. For now im just planning revenge single handedly. Since we've agreed to sleep in one house it will be easyI planned everything already all they need is a goodnights sleep tommorow it'll be perfect

I knew everyone was asleep I started my plan first my best friend Franz, she hates pink so I got all her clothes and changed them all with pink one purly pink no magenta. Next was Liam he helped planning this so I replaced all the forks with spoons everywhere forks were nowhere to be found. Next was Louis yes he helped me but he still took part I got all the carrots and stored them in a duffle bag. Up next was Zayn I took down all the mirors brushes everything zayn needed to look like a pretty boy. Next in line was Niall I got all the food in the house everything even in their rooms it felt wrong but it had to be done. Last but not the least Harry I straightened his hair and befre I went to sleep I drew on their faces, my plan is complete

Next morning I herd scream after scream I went down I am wearing not pink clothes I brought a miror, a curler, a fork , a take out from Nandos and I was eating carrots. They all lookedvat me like I was some kind of monster I could just laugh at them I said "revenge is sweet" I took lots of pictures they looked hilarious. I gave them what they all needed but I wasnt quite done yet I talked to Harry over to the pool he said his apologies and I forgave him before we could go back I pushed him into the pool I said "PAYBACK STYLES" then I yelled " HURRY HARRY IS DROWNING " they all hurried to save him I took lots of pictures too I laughed and walked away I jeard zayn say "damn that girl is good" its true I am the best I do that all the time
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