Its Gotta Be You

A girl who loves this boy which is already in love with another


1. Friends Forever?

Louisa's POV
Me and my best friend Louis have been friends since I could remember. I have a little crush on him but the fact he has a crush on someone else it just shoots me down. The sad part is I help him get her. Her name is Eleanor since Lou became famous I was pretty cut from the picture. They were dating but from time to time he calls me or texts me. In the two years when he was away I was kinda falling for him and my cousin is Harry so he would never approve. I had a text on my phone it was from Franz she is my best friend she has a huge crush on Harry but I never told him I met them before. It said " ahhhhh 1D will have a concert here in Donacaster its today and I got us tickets." I replied, " fine ill get ready ". Then she texted " sweet ill pick you up there after a few minutes. When she got to my house One Thing was playing she was singing it on the top of her lungs, I decided to play along people were looking at us like a bunch of crazy people, we did'nt really care we were always crazy. We got there I got really suprised she got front row tickets. When they were scanning the crowds Lou and Harry spotted me they almost missed a line. When they were showing their favorite tweets Harry and Lou asked me and Franz to go onstage. Harry introduced me to the WORLD. I introduced Franz ti them she was as still as a rock. After the concert I met up with them Franz punched me in the stomach. " aww that really hurt ". " why didnt you tell me Harry was your cousin " she said. " well I thought you would fangirl all the time " I said but Harry and Louis walked by and pulled us. We sat down together and craked chessy jokes. They let us go with them on tour. Franz pulled at the side and screamed at my face. To make her stop I pushed her over to Harry she fell on his lap she almost fainted. When she got up she pushed me to Louis. " payback Mrs. Tomlinson " she said I got pushed into Lou's arms I felt really dizzy, I almost fainted. " Mrs. Tomlinson?!?" lou asked. " oh yeah she alwys told me she had a huge- I covered Franz's mouth before she could finish. I let go of her then Harry said, "my cousin has a huge crush on Lou". " PSHHH, NO! HE HAS A GIRLFRIEND" I said. " I saw you blush you do have a crush on him " Franz stated. Then my phone vibrated Louis got the phone in my hand. "caller ID RAR what kind of name is that" give it back he answered it, "hello this is Louisa's boy-" I grabbed it before he could finnish his sentence. "hello who is this" 'RAR' stated. Rar is code for Thomas Daley I call him Tom he was my bestfriend in highschool aside from Harry, Louis and Franz. I kept him a secret. "hello that was Lou im sorry can you call me later im really sorry" I said. " its fine ill call you 4ish" Tom said. " Perfect " I stated. Then I hung up the boys and Franz looking at me puzzled. "Who was that?" Liam asked. " none of your buisness he's just a friend ". " fine if you want to keep it that way" Harry said. Harry was always protective but I love him for being like that. I know that harry was planning something to make me say who 'RAR' is. I got sorta scared
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