Its Gotta Be You

A girl who loves this boy which is already in love with another


9. Franz + Harry = ?

Harry's POV
I went over to Louisa to ask her something

"Hey Louisa do you approve of me an-" She didn't let me finish
"Harry before you ask I approve but if you break your heart ill literaly kill you!" She said
"Thanks your the best cousin ever, off to my future girlfriend!" I said with a huge smile on my face
"Watch it Styles!, Wait Harry Wait" I heard Louisa say
"What?" I asked
"ill tell Franz something first okay?" Louisa said

Louisa's POV
I went to Franz's room.

"Hey Franz if Harry would ask you to be his GF would you be yourself or anybody else?" I asked
"I would be myself I wont pretend to be anybody I'm not" Franz said

I smiled at her and I walked out her room, then I saw Hazza

"Harry you take good care of her Okay" I said while fixing his hair and clothes
"I promise" Harry said
"Okay go get her tiger!" I said then I went downstairs with the others

Franz's POV
What was that about, i know that Harry would never ask me to be his GF, it's simply imposible! Then I heard the door swing open it was Harry

"Hey Franz I really want to tell you something" Harry said
"What's that you want to tell Haz" I said causing him to smile, gosh if only looks could kill, I would be murdered
"Franz I like you more than anything in this world I love you, the time I pushed Louisa in the pool, I only did that to impress you. Gosh you make me just go crazy the way you look theres no one-" I didnt let Harry finish I leaned in and kissed him on the lips, he asked for entrance I quickly let him in we layed in the bed but we pulled away for oxygen
"So does that mean your my Girlfriend?" Harry asked
"Forever and Always" I answered back
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