Its Gotta Be You

A girl who loves this boy which is already in love with another


3. Eleanor

Louisa's POV
This morning was awesome I got revenge. When they got back they were fixing their selves it was a funny sight to see my phone started ringing. "ITS RAR YOU WANT TO TALK TO HIM" I said. Harry grabbed the phone he said "HOW?!? Do you live with this girl". "why did she prank you" Tom said. "yeah and it was awesome" I stated while grabbing the phone. "call you later" Tom said then he hung up

"YAY EL JUST TEXTED ME SHE SAID SHE AND DANI ARE COMMING OVER" Louis said. I got a bit jealous. "Mrs. Tomlinson are you gonna be Ok?!?" Niall said. "I told you guys I dont like Lou" I stated. When they got here Dani put on a fake smile while they walked over to kiss their boyfriends. When Dani spotted me she grabbed me on the wrist and pulled me to the kitchen she went straight to the point and asked, "do you Like Eleanor to be with Louis" I didnt lie at all and answered back "I kinda like Louis" I sputtered back. "thank goodness I think Eleanor takes Lou for granted" Dani said. "HOW SO?!?" I said in a loud voice, "we'll talk about it later ok" Dani said. "FIIIINNE" I said, "wow your really like Louis". Dani said we walked back to the group

They were playing truth or dare then we joined in it landed on Eleanor."DARE" she said Zayn dared her to kiss someone besides her boyfriend for 10 seconds she picked Harry. I could see Louis was getting jealous I took a stolen picture of that for 'memories'. Next the bottle pointed at me. "TRUTH". I said. "okay if you wanna play it that way" Eleanor asked me who I liked the best in the band I turned a faint shade of red then franz almost answered for me "its L-" I covered her mouth before she could finish. But luckily my phone rang it was my friend amber she said she needed a friend to sing for Joy's birthday. I can tell you this I could sing a little. I told everyone it was a emergency but they followed. We went to Joy's birthday she was pretty shocked when she saw ONE DIRECTION. "BEST BIRTHDAY EVER" she said. After her birthday party Louis pulled me aside he said "we never got to finish your answer". "fine if your so desparate its you ok its not such a big deal" I said in a sassy tone. Then he kissed me playfully on the lips. I didnt notice Franz took a picture of what happened she sent the picture to me, I texted back "BEST DAY EVER :))))" she answered "just remember he has a girlfriend ELEANOR" we laughed but I really like Lou it was best not to tell anyone
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