Its Gotta Be You

A girl who loves this boy which is already in love with another


7. Discussion

Louisa's POV
How could I be so stupid Lou has a girlfriend. I ran up to my room crying then Franz walked in. "Hey Louisa whats wrong honey" she asked. "How could I be so stupid a boy that perfect would never like a girl like me". When Louis walked in with Harry. "Louisa I really want to tell you something really important, so guys can you leave us for a little while?" Louis asked politely. "Sure mate" Harry answered.

"look Louisa I-" I interupted Louis before he could finish "Lou Im so sorry for what ive done with you and El Im so sorry for what happened" I said. "No Louisa Im trying to tell you that I really like you since HS I never liked Eleanor I only did that cuz I saw you hanging out with another guy one time. When you said RAR was a guy I broke inside all I want to tell you is that I love you" Louis said. "Lou I love you too" I said. Then he pulled me close we were kissing. It was a dream come true a person who was taken away from me really loved me this day was the best day ever. "so that does mean your my girlfriend?" Louis asked. "Yes Lou it does mean that" I answered
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