Its Gotta Be You

A girl who loves this boy which is already in love with another


5. Choices

Louis' POV
I got back with Eleanor but Louisa was always there to help, she was there since HS. I could'nt thank her enough she was the best. Before school dhe would always arive early. Once I saw her with a guy I got really jealous cause I have feelings for her. That was the day I told her about Eleanor I was'nt really in love with her, I just did that to make her feel jealous, but now I completely regret it. Im in love with my bestmate's cousin how am I gonna say this. Im in love and nothing will get in the way of her being called mine, not even Harry or Eleanor. Wait she has a 'guy friend' Tom. How do I do this now, Damn this girl is playing hard to get

Harry's POV
I was a bit harsh on my cousin I only did that so that I could impress her bestfriend. She was perfect how her hair fell perfectly on her face without her even trying. My cousin is just like me she would never approve if I even asked her what in the fudge am I thinking she would never like me I bet she would'nt even like the real me

Eleanor's POV
I knew it was a bad idea for Damen to call me and to say 'I love you' back. I have a boyfriend. I knew he was'nt happy with me I was'nt etheir. The truth is Im really in love with Damen. I know Louis is in love with someone too how do I break it to him

Louisa's POV
El and Lou are back together I should be happy for them. I really like Louis. Tears were escaping my eyes. When Dani and Franz gave me a tissue box and pulled me up to my room Dani was the first to say, "listen Loulou, El is in love with another guy she told me this before we got here". Me and Franz shot out of our seats. Then Dani said "good luck!". When I went down Louis and Eleanor were kissing tears escaped my eyes. So I just went to the pool, to my surprise Tom was there he hugged me. We ran to the pool and we were swimming Liam, Harry and Zayn is there we made a big splash and got everyone wet. When I got out of the pool Tom playfully kissed me on the lips I got harry pissed off but I hugged him to cool off. I didn't know Franz took a picture and then
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