Its Gotta Be You

A girl who loves this boy which is already in love with another


4. Cheating Or Not Cheating

Louisa's POV
It was around midnight when I woke up but once I wake up I never fall back asleep, I decided to watch TV. I got really suprise Lou was awake and he was crying I went over to him and asked him what was wrong he answered "I think Eleanor is cheating on me". I always liked Lou but I could'nt bare to see him in soo much pain, I love him to much I comforted him the whole night. It was 5am already I freshened up and I helped Lou in making breakfast. Nialler came down cause of the smell of food. El came down next Lou and El didnt talk at all. After breakfast I pulled Eleanor to the side and asked her what was going on she said her friend Damen called and he said I love you so she went with it and said I love you too, but Lou was listening and then he thought I was cheating on him. I asked her to give her phone to me. Yes she had an app record voice calls I opened it and yes her conversation with Damen was there. I pulled Lou and explained everything. Louis always belives me because I would never dream to lie to him. I got them back together again although it kinda hurt me inside I decided to call.

Tom he said I could come over his place and swim a bit. Tom is a contestant in the london olympics he's category is diving, he won third place, unlike the others he kept in touch with me he is awesome really awesome. I crept out really silently. I got to Tom's house we went swimming he dared me to dive like what he did in the olymipics I did it and he said it was perfect. I could make a good diver. Then the paparazzi took alot of pictures. "so I guess that means call you later" Tom said still in the water. I said "sure see ya gotta go change", after I changed I rushed back to the house they were waiting for me. With their arms crossed "where have you been we've been worried sick" Harry said in a botherly voice. I answered "I was with Tom". "How can you prove that?!?" Liam said. I grabbed a apple and the remote of the counter, then I turned on the TV perfect timing the paparazzi was showing pictures of me and Tom together. Niall said "ooohhhh we just got burned", I laughed and went straight to my room
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