One direction stories

Some short stories with personalized names. If you want me to write a chapter about you and Harry or you and Liam, then just wrote your name and your future husband in comments ;)


2. What Makes You Beautiful

I finally got to the set of WMYB music video! I am so happy my boyfriend harry invited me! I get past the security guards and i start looking around for harry.
Hmmm where could he be? I thought.
All of the sudden I feel strong arms being wrapped around me from behind. I knew exactly who it was and I giggled.
"there you are, Harry!" I exclaimed
"Here I am!" he said happily "I'm so happy you could make it! I was starting to think you couldn't come" harry said looking down at his shoes.
"Of coarse I'm going to come Harry!!"
Just then I hear Harry getting called over to start filming.
"Oh I got to go but I'll be back soon, love" he says giving me a kiss.
"Ok see you then." I reply.
I head to the back and sit on one of the chairs for a while then I see the cameramen starting to film Harrys' solo. I go up behind the camera for a better view, I see Harry waving at me before they start filming. I wave back and he flashes me his amazing smile just before the music starts playing.
In the middle of his solo, I feel my phone vibrate.

**new message**
Mom: hey hon, sorry to interrupt but I need you home now to babysit your brother
Me: ok mom be home soon
Mom: thx Jodi <3

Harry was still doing his solo so I didn't want to interrupt so I just turned and left.

Harry's P.O.V.

So I was lip syncing for the video to this girl and I snuck a peek at Jodi and she was on her phone. She's so cute! Then I saw she looked at me then she turned away to her carand walked away discreetly. I guess she had to leave awww but I couldn't just let her go without a goodbye. The next thing I knew I was running towards her.

Jodi's P.O.V

I was sad that I had to leave but I also didn't want mom to get mad and ground me so I left. I heard the music stop and director yelling "Harry what are you doing?!"
Harry ran over to me and kissed me said, "I still love you"
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