One direction stories

Some short stories with personalized names. If you want me to write a chapter about you and Harry or you and Liam, then just wrote your name and your future husband in comments ;)


4. Niall and Jenna

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Niall`s P.O.V.

I with the boys chillin out and just eating some crisps and louis suggested if we watch some movies
"Ok lou, as long as i can invite Jenna(my girlfriend) over, too!'
I dial jen's number and hear it ring twice before she picks up.

Jenna's P.O.V.

"ITS OK MOM IM NOT HUNGRY" I yell at my mom from upstairs
"you sure honey? i can order sushi or something-"
"Im fine thanks" i interuppted

i go to my bed and star up my laptop. my phone starts ringing from across the room and i have to get up and get it. i pick it up and it niall!

"Hey Nialler!" i say cheerfully
"hello darling! you doing anything todaay?" he asks.
"Nope" i say popping the p
"Great! You wanna come over and watch some movies with me and the boys?" he says with his adorable irish accent
"Sure! Sounds fun! Ill be there in a bit" i say, excited that i can see the boys and niall again.
"Ok looovveee yyyooouuu" i can hear the boys in the backround especially louis saying, "EEEEEEEWWWWWWW OOOOOOOH NIIIIAAAALLLLSS IN LOOVE"
I giggle, "love you too ni see you"
"bye" he replys

i head downstairs in my sweats and a t shirt, say bye to my mom and get going. when i get there im greeted with lots of hugs i can barely breathe
"Ok guys, your choking me! Ow Harry, your elbow is- thank you!"

After they finished embracing me, we decided to choose a movie.
"TOY STORY!!!" Liam screamed.
"Liam, how about we choose a different movie for today" Harry said calmly.
"Finneee TOY STORY 2!!!" Liam screamed.
We all know he won't change his mind, so we just agreed

"Can we at least have some food?" Niall asks
"Alright. I'm a bit hungry too, I'll go order some pizza." says Zayn as he grabs his phone.

Halfway through the movie I reached down to get the last price of pizza just as niall did. Our hands touched and I looked away, blushing.i know Niall would defenetly want that piece!
Then all of a sudden Niall said,

"You can have that, love."

I looked at him in awe.
And all of the boys- even Liam unglued his eyes from the tv and all of their jaws dropped.
I heard some gasps and Louis whispered to harry
"She's the one"

"wow Niall! Um... Thanks!"
"your welcome" he said looking proud but also looking at the pizza

And THAT'S how you know Nialler truly loves you :)

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