One direction stories

Some short stories with personalized names. If you want me to write a chapter about you and Harry or you and Liam, then just wrote your name and your future husband in comments ;)


3. Harry and Shannon

Requested by @1Dfanficjudger001

"OMIGOD SHANNON THAT WAS SUCH AN AWESOME CONCERT!" my best friend Mikayla shouted in my ear just as we were exiting the stadium. We had one direction tickets to the concert and backstage passes we won from our local radio station! We both couldn't wait to meet the boys.
"I know mikayla I'm so excited to see Harry..." I trailed off and started daydreaming about his beautiful hair and his adorable dimples and green eyes...
"Ummm Shannon? Are you day dreaming about him again?" mikayla questioned me with an excited look on her face and was grinning from ear to ear.
"Yea Mikayla I know he's super famous and I have like no chance with him but I can't help it!" I said lifting my hands into the air jokingly.
All she said was, "You never know..." with a smirk
We went in and got name tags put on.
We kept walking and waited in a line. When it finally was our turn, I was freaking out on the inside! I tried not to show it though only because it would creep them out.
Oh my god I thought Harry looked over to me and started smiling and I couldn't help but smile back my geeky fan girl smile.
"Hello there lovely" harry said with a wink
I just about melted inside

Harry's P.O.V.

We were getting through a bunch of people, great I thought, I'm tired.
Just then 2 beautiful girls came up to us and I suddenly felt as if I was on a roller coaster when I saw the girl on the left! Her name tag said Shannon- what a lovely name!
"Hello lovely" was all I could say. Oh I added in a wink but quickly regretted it. Wow I'm such an idiot! I mentally slapped myself but then got back to Shannon and her friend Mikayla (from her name tag)
we took a few pictures and I signed a poster she had. I added my number even though she's way out of my league.
Eventually she had to leave and I kept looking at her as she walked away giggling and talking with her friend. Oh I hope she calls me, I thought.

Shannon's P.O.V.

mikayla and I got in the car. She had to drive since I drove on the way here.
I never really got a good look at the signatures and as I was looking through them, I noticed Harry's had numbers in it. "That's weird" I said.
"What is it?" asked mikayla.
"Harry's signature has numb-OHMYGODMIKAYLA!!!!!!!!" I screamed.
We both just started freaking out and we discussed when exactly we should call (tomorrow at precisely 3:24pm)
When we got home, I could not sleep I was soo excited and nervous I think I finally fell asleep at around 4am ish.

Harry's P.O.V (coming home from concert)

In the limo, I explained to the boys that I gave one girl my number. They answered with a lot of OOOOOOH's and HARRY'S IN LOVE
After they finished teasing me, Louis was screaming in my ear something about me cheating on him and that he'll have to go move away with Kevin to a carrot farm of something.
That night it was hard for me to sleep. Why am I so nervous about Shannon? I asked myself usually I'm much better with the ladies!!

The next morning I woke up at about 11 ish to Louis opera singing in the shower. After I've had enough of his opera (which was about 5 seconds) I went in to the bathroom and gave Louis a hit on the back of his wet noggin. Not very hard to hurt him, but just enough to shut him up.
Oh no! I thought I hope Shannon didn't call this morning and I missed it! I bolted to my iphone and check- yes! No missed calls!
I quickly went downstairs to eat some breakfast before Niall eats it all.

Shannon's P.O.V

Me and mikayla were bored out of our minds watching movies all day then realized...
"HEY SHAN GET OVER HERE AND CALL HARRY!!!!" mikayla was spazzing
"Hey Kay! You better not be this crazy when I'm on the phone!!" I said smiling
"okay, okay, just call please."
"much bEtter" I said and started dialing...
The phone rang a few times I was starting to get worried Harry wouldn't pick up
Finally I hear a deep rocky "hello?"
"Hey Harry? It's shannon. From the signing? You gave me your number..."
"oh yes Shannon hello babe"
"Hey Harry- your concert was great last night!" I giggled a bit
"thanks" he said "hey Shannon?" he asked.
"yes Harry?"
"Do you want to have dinner with me tonight?"
Mikayla and I shared excited glances
"YE-um sure ok Harry sounds good" I tried to sound calm and cool
Mikayla giggled quietly
"well ok darling I'll pick you up at 7" he replied
"alright well bye Harry see you then!" I said a little too excitedly. Oops

Harry took me out to a beautiful restaraunt that looked waay too expensive for my budget but he insisted on paying. Later in he took me to meet the rest of the band and we've been dating ever since <3
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