One direction stories

Some short stories with personalized names. If you want me to write a chapter about you and Harry or you and Liam, then just wrote your name and your future husband in comments ;)


1. My birthday surprise

I came home one night after going out for dinner with my family for my birthday. It was still pretty early so I decided to enjoy myself and watch a few movies. I was looking around in Netflix but then, I heard a knock on the door. I open the door to see my boyfriend Zayn Malik holding a bouquet of flowers and chocolates with a huge grin on his face!
"Hello love" he says.
"Hey Zayn! Come in, come in!" I exclaimed. Zayn hands me the flowers along with a long embrace and a kiss!
"Happy birthday Hudson!" He says. "How was your day?"
"It was amazing! I just went out to dinner!"
He just smiles and i ask him if he wants to stay and watch a few movies with me and he happily says yes.

**** sorry for the short first chapter, this is my first story but I will hopefully be posting more chapters as soon as I can ;)
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