A Suicide Story

I'm done i cant handle my terrible life anymore. not only do me parents not love me but i am pushed around by some people at school. i will kill myself...whatever it takes i will...


2. a rude awakening

i wake up to my parents yelling at me for being lazy.

"Molly, you get up and get ready for school this instant!!, my mother yelled.

"Get a move on!, said my father.

"Why do you guys have to be so mean to me?! dont you love me?! i screamed.

"Just get ready for school" they both said.

after they left i got out of bed and got dressed. i grabbed my bookbag and went downstairs for breakfast. i sat down inbetween my little sister and brother. i ate cerial and left for school. i waited outside for the bus. i hated the bus, the people on the bus yelled at me and threw stuff at everyone and it is so loud. i finally got to school. i could have just walked there but my best friends werent with me so i didnt want to walk alone. but i hate school itself because of the teachers and some of the students some are my friends and some are not its that easy.

                                                                         ~6 hours later~

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