Pen Pal 2.

This is the sequel to Pen Pal. As you can tell. Same characters.
She continues her life at her mom's house. She still hasn't told Niall about Steven, but then again he did the same thing to her. What does Ashley do about Niall's Leukemia? Can she deal with another loss?
Read it all in this book. ;)


25. The Reception

Ashley's P.O.V

The ceremony was beautiful. Their vows brought us all to tears, I never knew how much they loved each other. It was true love, something everyone always tries to find. But seem to never have. That was how it was with me and Niall, I thought our love was something unbreakable. But that was a lie as he was sitting in the audience hand in hand with Perrie. They were a ugly couple, (No offence). I was watching them the entire time, I couldn't help it. 

We all piled into the limo and drove off to where the reception was taking place. We pulled up to a beautiful hotel. We had rented out a ballroom, that was huge. Harry could obviously afford it. I sat next to Alex at the long table. Louis was right next to Harry. Then it went El next to me, Dani next to her. Liam next to Lou and Zayn next to Liam. Niall was sitting at a round table right in front of us. I had a perfect view of Perrie trying to attack him. I couldn't help but feel like she was using him to get Zayn back, I doubt that was the real reason though. 

Alex asked Little Mix to perform, it didn't make me to upset. The only thing that did was that everyone was dancing with someone. Even Zayn, a pretty girl was dancing with him. She looked familiar.. Oh! It was that one girl that he brought over before. They were really cute together, I could tell Perrie wasn't digging it too much. She was glaring at them pretty hard. I sat at the long table watching everyone all happy with one another. I felt a tap on my shoulder. I looked up to see Niall holding out his hand for me to dance with him. I was just staring at it debating on what I should do. I finally said 'Screw It' and reached out for his hand. He held it and led me to the dance floor. A slow song started playing, I rested my head on his shoulder as we danced ever so slowly. I knew Perrie wasn't on the stage anymore, and I would probably be interrupted any second now. But right now I just wanted to soak up the moment I had with Niall. We did no talking, but we didn't need to the dance was doing all of the talking between us. 

Niall's P.O.V

I wanted to tell her why I was with Perrie, but then she would hate me even more. It was a bad reason, I mean how do you tell the one you love you knocked up another. It was an accident, I was drunk, I had just found out that it wasn't very possible for Ashley to live. I still love her though, it aches me to see her hate for me. When Perrie got up to sing I stood up and made my move. I walked over to Ashley, she was so beautiful tonight, I mean she always is, but especially tonight. I hadn't talked to her since the day she woke up from the coma. If I didn't tonight then I may never again. I reached my hand out to her hoping she would grab it. She hesitated for a moment then reached out. I gently held it in my hand and guided her to the dance floor. The song had ended, but I had requested a slow song to play next. Little Mix stepped off the stage and I was crossing my fingers that Perrie didn't interrupt us. Ashley lay her head on my shoulder, I pulled her in closer and we swayed so softly to the soft music. It felt as if we were the only two dancing, the spotlight on us and everything was okay for that moment in time. I hated keeping this from her, I wanted to give up everything to be back with her. 


Niall's P.O.V

"I am sorry son, she isn't doing to well, it is very slim that she will ever wake up from this," Those words broke through my skin straight to my heart. Something snapped inside of me, I went straight to a local pub. I drank so much that I had no control on my actions. 

I woke up next to a girl. I was naked, and I think she is to. I lifted my head up slowly trying not to wake her. To my surprise it was Perrie. I plopped back down trying to remember everything. How did this? Zayn is going to kill me. I am dead, and Zayn is going to do the killing. They are broken up but that is way past the line. Perrie flipped over and unexpectedly kissed me. I let go shocked, but she was smiling. She may have liked this, but I sure as Hell didn't. I got up quickly and put on my clothes. My head was pounding, "What all happened last night...?" I didn't want to hear an answer, but it would kill me if I never found out. "We had sex?" Perrie said as if I should have remembered. "... We did?" She nodded crawling up to me on the bed. The sheet was still wrapped around her, thank God. I was sitting on the edge of the bed with my head rested in my hands. She massaged my shoulders, "Is everything okay babe?" I revolted the gesture. "No, No, No, No." I repeated. She pushed her eyebrows towards me and cocked her head to the side. I ran out of the bedroom and stood up against the door. "What did I just do?" I asked myself. I slowly fell to the floor and cried. 

*Back to Now*

Niall's P.O.V

It was time to tell her, no more hiding from this anymore. "Ash?" She pulled her head up and opened her eyes, she looked so content. I didn't want to ruin it. "I really need to talk to you.." She dropped her smile almost instantly. "Okay, go on.." "What do you think you are doing." Oh no, Perrie. "Uh, dancing." Ashley shot back at her, letting go of me and facing her. This was not going to end well.

Ashley's P.O.V

I was about to finally get the chance to talk to Niall when this bitch comes up to us shooting us attitude, oh heck no. "What do you think you are doing?" "Uh, dancing." "Well, it better stop, now." I glared at Perrie, she was much taller than me, she would probably beat me in an instant. I turned around and grabbed back on Niall. She didn't like that very much, she grabbed my shoulder in attempt to turn me back around. This pissed me off, I turned around and punched her right in the middle of her face. She fell to the ground as I shook out my wrist. Not going to lie, that hurt. Everyone rushed over to us, but she stood straight up, blood rushing out of her nose. She was a tough one. I attempted to punch her back but she grabbed by wrist right before impact. She punched my in the gut. I kicked her in the vagina. She fell to the ground again. Niall held me back as she got back up. I was trying so hard to squirm out of his grip, but it was too strong. Zayn held Perrie. It was over, for now. Niall walked me out into the hallway. My stomach was killing me. 

"Sorry." I told Niall as he handed me an icepack for my wrist. "It's okay, just remind me never to get in a fight with you.." He said laughing. "What can I say, I lived with my dad for half of my life, he taught me how to fight." I shot him a smirk. I still loved him, always have, always will. I don't even care if he was with Perrie, I am destined to change that. Because he obviously loves me, since he isn't in there helping his "girlfriend."

*A/N* I couldn't go to sleep while still leaving you on a cliff hanger. Even if this one is, I needed to write it before I forget tomorrow. I know a few people are confused on what is going on, and I am sorry. It is a mess, but to those who are in understandment I hope you like it! I thought I should put a little 'umph' in this chapter. ;) Well okay, night loves. xx

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