Pen Pal 2.

This is the sequel to Pen Pal. As you can tell. Same characters.
She continues her life at her mom's house. She still hasn't told Niall about Steven, but then again he did the same thing to her. What does Ashley do about Niall's Leukemia? Can she deal with another loss?
Read it all in this book. ;)


22. "I wanted you to fall in love with me all over again."

Niall's P.O.V

I knew Ashley was upset, and it was my job to go make her feel better. I went straight to the coffee shop and saw her outside in tears. Nobody knew who are why she was going to the coffee shop, she didn't tell anyone.  I let her in and we drove off, not sure of where to go. The silence was brutal, the only sound was her sobs. Which broke my heart. "I.. I was stood up,." She said crying harder. I just glanced at her, knowing now who she went to go see. "Steven?" I asked a little heart broken. "Yeah.. I am so stupid!" She exclaimed. "No, Ashley you are not stupid. He is, he had a perfect girl and lost her." She smiled at me, and I returned it. "Want to go get lunch?" I asked. She nodded wiping away the tears on her face. 

I took her to Nando's, of course. We pulled into the parking lot and I let her out and guided her in. We ordered our food and sat in a booth just talking. Two girls walked up to us asking for autographs. The photos they had was a picture of Ash and I holding hands. Then the other one was us kissing. Ashley got the one with us kissing, I watched as her eyes widened but she signed it anyway. They walked away and Ashley gave me the look of death. "Why didn't you tell me?" She asked. "I..I" I was in panic, I didn't know what to tell her. She turned away from me crossing her arms in front of her chest. "I wanted you to fall in love with me all over again." That's it. That's when she turned around and screamed smiling. I opened my eyes all the way, a little terrified. "I REMEMBER!!" I cried, tears of joy of course. She was hugging me across the table, we probably looked extremely weird, but I didn't care. I had my fiance back, that is the only thing that ever mattered anymore. I was not ever letting her go again, I can't stand losing her. 

We rushed home, the boys and girls were in the lounge reminiscing on old times. Goofy pictures of Lou, old video diaries. And old gossip. They all grew silent when they saw us. We were smiling so big, but not saying a word. "what?!" Liam finally demanded. "SHE REMEMBERS!" They tackled both of us with hugs and kisses, so much that we couldn't breathe. It was good to have everything back to normal. I looked over to Ash on the floor, she matched my eyes, "I missed you." 

*A/N* Sorry I haven't been writing the past like week, school started and I have been swamped. Cheer and homework are killing me. I feel like y'all are family, so I wanted to tell you that the guy I have been crushing on might possibly like me back. I told him last night how I felt, and he took it well. Hopefully it doesn't ruin my friendship with him..Anyway thanks for all the readers. By the way, this is NOT the last chapter! 

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