Pen Pal 2.

This is the sequel to Pen Pal. As you can tell. Same characters.
She continues her life at her mom's house. She still hasn't told Niall about Steven, but then again he did the same thing to her. What does Ashley do about Niall's Leukemia? Can she deal with another loss?
Read it all in this book. ;)


11. Everything Works Out Eventually

*A/N* So, I am going to write a fan fic about Josh! It will be called "I Prefer The Drummer" It should be up later today! Don't worry I will still be adding to this one since so many of y'all read it! Okay, that's all I had to say.

 Ashley P.O.V

It has been a few weeks after the whole incident. Niall and Harry lived with Alex and I. Ever since losing our son, I didn't even attempt to try again yet. I honestly wanted him to ask me to be his wife. I had been busy on the weekdays still trying to get my degree. Alex has attended University College London for her teaching degree. The boys are working on another album, it is sad but this is probably the last year for One Direction. They aren't fighting, but Dani and Liam are ready to have a kid. El and Louis are recently married, they are just getting too old for the screaming girls and concerts in different states every night. Every boy got their own song in this album. Niall, the sweetheart he is, wrote his song about me. He won't let me hear it yet. Which doesn't upset me, because I know it will sound amazing. Niall is actually thinking about going solo after the split up. Same with Harry and Zayn, they weren't done with singing careers. Which was inspiring. Never give up, is their motto. 

I was invited to the recording studio to hear Niall's song for me. I was really excited to hear it. I got there right on time and sat down behind the controls. I smiled at Niall and he got really jumpy all of a sudden, it was cute. He started singing, "Everything Works Out Eventually." Was the name of the song. I couldn't have found a more perfect name for it. The song was absolutely gorgeous, I couldn't help myself. After he finished and they gave him a thumbs up I ran inside and wrapped my legs around his waist and kissed him in front of all of the people watching. Honestly, the whole world could have been watching, but all I noticed was Niall. "I have a surprise for you tonight, get all fancy!" He told me, after we stopped kissing. 

I rushed home so I could get ready, I had one dress I have not worn yet, and it was well, very fancy. It was a pink color that touched the floor. It had one flowy sleeve while the other side didn't have one. A white ribbon wrapped around the waist of the dress and the bottom flowed like the sleeve. I don't know why I haven't worn it yet, it was stunning. I put on the same color as the dress eyeshadow and mascara. I put on a very light coat of eyeliner to emphasize my eyes. My brown hair was put in a side bun and my bags were pushed to one side of my face. I got a pair of my white heels and finished last touch ups to my make up. By the time I was finished it was already seven. I had no idea what time he was going to pick me up so I sat on my bed and thought about everything for a long time. I heard a tapping on my window. I opened it to see Niall throwing rocks up to it."What are you doing?!" I yelled down to him. "Ashley, I need to ask you something." "Haha, okay?" He started speaking but I couldn't hear a word he was saying. "I can't hear you!" I yelled down to him. He climbed up the tree next to my balcony and climbed on to the balcony. "Are you crazy?!" I asked him. "A little, but that is not the point." he started. "Okay.." "Ashley, we have know each other for more than two years now, and it is no secret that I am so in love with you that it kills me." I just sat there and smiled like an idiot. "you are the only person I see in my future, I don't want to loose that feeling. I don't want to loose you. You are the best thing that happened to me. I am so glad you got knocked out and we got to meet." I dropped my smile at the last part. "Okay, that came out wrong!" He saved. I just laughed. "Hold on a second." He said turning around. It looked like he was digging around in his jacket pocket for something. "Crap!" He yelled looking over the balcony. I was just standing there confused. "Be right back!" He said while running out of my room to downstairs and out the front door. He came right back up and finished where he left off. "Anyway.." He said getting on one knee. "Ashley Lynn Denton. Will you do my the honor of being my one, and only. My wife, my love, the person I have for the rest of my life?" I started crying not sure of the answer that was going to spill out of my mouth. "Yes, yes,yes,yes,yes infinity yeses!" I announced. He stood up and put the beautiful ring on my left ring finger. He hugged me for what felt like forever. I was engaged to Niall Horan. I don't even know how to react. 

"We still have dinner plans!" He said as we walked down the stairs. Harry and Alex were hanging out with Zayn and his new girl. I haven't met her yet, but everyone has told me she is lovely. I got in his car and we headed off to the restaurant. We got there, and man, it was some high dollar food. I felt bad having Niall pay for it, but I didn't complain, he is loaded anyway. "I am so glad you said yes, or this would have been an awkward dinner." He said smirking. "You mean, you would have still made me eat with you?" I asked joking. "YES! These reservations took me forever to get," He told me smiling. I just laughed at his cuteness. Now that the boys were older the fans have matured some and don't go to crazy when they see them. We managed through dinner and we went back to the house. Alex and Harry were still not back. I was surprised, it was pretty late. "Niall can you unzip me?" I asked my back turned to him. He did and I held up the dress so it didn't fall of my body. I changed into something cute, but comfortable. Niall just had his boxers on, which was pretty sexy. We layed in bed and, he started kissing my body. "I want to tonight." I told him. He looked up at me and his eyes widened. "Are you sure?" He asked, I nodded before I changed my mind. He pulled out a rubber from the drawer but I knocked it out his hand. I wanted to try again.

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