Pen Pal 2.

This is the sequel to Pen Pal. As you can tell. Same characters.
She continues her life at her mom's house. She still hasn't told Niall about Steven, but then again he did the same thing to her. What does Ashley do about Niall's Leukemia? Can she deal with another loss?
Read it all in this book. ;)


7. Already?

Ashley's P.O.V

I slept through the night, I had the weirdest dream though. I was walking through a white hallway, it went on forever. It was completely empty, nothing in there, not even doors. I looked down to see all of this blood coming out of me. It wasn't my period. It was more than ever. I fell to the floor and looked around to see everything bloody, it was so gross. For some reason I was just crying, I wasn't in pain. I just felt the need to cry. That is all I remembered. I woke up in tears, I still don't understand why I was crying. I got myself together, and Niall woke up, he must have felt me sit up. "Good morning." He said stretching his arms out. "How did you sleep?" I asked forgetting about my dream. "Amazing, how about you?" I lied to him, "Perfect." 

We got up and put clothes on and we walked downstairs. We were the only ones awake. So we were quiet in the kitchen. "So.." Niall said breaking the silence. "Are you okay.. about last night?" He asked me, awwh, he was afraid I didn't like it. "Of course! Are you?" "Yes babe." He gave me an Eskimo kiss. I have always wanted one of those. I looked into his beautiful blue eyes, I could see his lack of confidence. "Are you sure everything is okay..?" I asked looking at him raising both eyebrows. "What.. Oh, yeah." He said looking at me still unconfident in his words. I just stared at him, "Alright.." I said trailing off back into my thoughts. He turned his head back towards the TV. What is his deal? I just let it go, since I probably would never figure it out, and I don't want to freak myself. 

The rest of the day Niall sort of distanced himself from me. Do I suck in bed? Wait, even if I did why would he hate me for that? Or maybe he finally got what he wanted from me and then he was done with me like Steven did? Oh lord, I am letting my thoughts take over again, stop it Ashley! Alex and Niall were talking to each other when I got up to go to the kitchen. I fixed myself a snack and sat back down. They were both missing? Where did they go? I looked around the room, I was alone. Okay? I looked around the corner and they were both standing at the door? Okay, who was here? I walked up behind them eating some crisps when I saw four over joyed boys standing at the front door. "Hey guys!" I said with a mouth full of crisps. They all just stared at me, "Anyway.." Harry continued, "Niall, we can't finish the tour without you!" "This trip was all top secret and so Paul has no idea.." Louis said looking very mischievous. Niall turned to look at me with begging eyes, then I looked at the rest of the boys who had puppy dog eyes. "Finneee.." I said smiling. Niall ran up to me and hugged the heck out of me! Okay then. "One rule!" I told him, "Skype me every night, got that?" I demanded still smirking. "Yes ma'am." He reunited the boys after packing his bags. One Direction was reunited once again. 

I wasn't all that alone once Niall left, school has been back in session, I skyped him every night. He would tell me about the concert he performed that night and what the boys did. I would tell him everything about here at home, school. At this moment I was number one in my class. I didn't get to graduate until four more years. Oh yeah, one more thing. I am definitely pregnant, actually right now I am three months pregnant, it's funny how time flies by. Oh and don't worry, it is Niall's. Because three months ago is when we had sex. I know it's already been that long. One more thing, I am keeping it. And if it's a boy his name will either be James or Niall. Just because that's what I promised.

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