Pen Pal 2.

This is the sequel to Pen Pal. As you can tell. Same characters.
She continues her life at her mom's house. She still hasn't told Niall about Steven, but then again he did the same thing to her. What does Ashley do about Niall's Leukemia? Can she deal with another loss?
Read it all in this book. ;)


15. A Very Awkward Car Ride

Ashley's P.O.V

After picking everything up and putting it into my purse we got into the car where Maura was already waiting. Chris has maintained silent, even when Maura confronted me. Smart man. The car ride felt a million times longer than the first one. Niall wasn't looking at anyone, not even to give me a reassuring smile. I finally just stared at the window not wanting to look or feel anymore awkward. I didn't know what to do, she obviously didn't enjoy the fact that I am engaged to her son. That upsets me a lot. She was okay with me being pregnant before, or at least that is what Niall told me. My phone buzzed, it was Niall. Nialler ;) : I am sorry about how she is reacting. To Nialler ;) : It's okay, she doesn't like me does she? Niall received it and just shrugged his shoulders at me. I take that as a no. We finally pulled into the driveway and Maura hopped out of the car so fast that I didn't even see the door open. She stormed inside and we all followed. Niall didn't grab my hand to calm me down which worries me. Niall walked up to our room, so I followed not knowing what else to do. We walked in and Niall plopped down on the bed looking up at the ceiling. I tried to read his expression, it was blank. I lay next to him and looked up also. "What are you thinking?" I asked not even bothering to face my head towards him. "Is this the right thing to do?" I felt a tear appear in my eye but I held it in. "Are you having second thoughts?" I knew the answer I was looking for was a simple no, but I am sure that is not the answer I am going to get. "No!" He explained, now facing me, I didn't want to turn my head or the tear would roll out. "Then what do you mean?" I asked scared to hear the answer. "I mean, we are just, we are still young and well you want to finish school. I am in my singing career. Maybe it's bad timing." Now I didn't care if a brick came out of my eye, I wanted to face him and maybe try to change his mind. "It wasn't 'bad timing' when we wanted to have a baby before. What is a marriage going to change?" I asked now a little agitated. "Never mind.." Niall said turning  back towards the ceiling. I now popped up and stared at him. "No, Niall. Not never mind. Do you want to get married or not? Just answer it please." "Of course I do.. I think." That's all I needed. I got off the bed and started putting clothes back in my bag. "What are you doing?" Niall asked sitting up. "Leaving." I said closing my suitcase. "No you aren't." He said still sitting there staring at me. "Bye Niall," I said putting the ring next to him. Niall looked shocked, not knowing what to do. I didn't know what I was doing either. I didn't know how to get to the airport either, so I walked into the bathroom and called a cab. The cab finally arrived and I walked downstairs. Maura was standing in the kitchen not looking to mad anymore. "Where are you going?" "I am going back home, sorry I am leaving so early. Nice meeting you." I said then giving her one last hug not knowing if she was prepared for that at all. I left and entered the cab. I am not looking forward to another long airplane ride, but I just wanted to get home. Before I got on the plane I called Alex to tell her what was up. She told me she would be at the airport in London to pick me up. 

I had turned my phone off and boarded the plane. I didn't want to talk to anyone sitting next to me, no matter who it was. But who knew the person next to me was someone I knew? Steven?   

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