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Jennifer Clade has always wanted to go to the city of London her whole life. Finally, at the age of 17, her father agrees to take her and her brother Max on a summer long vacation to England! Jennifer is also looking forward to going to see and meet her favorite band One Direction! But when Jennifer becomes close to a band member, arguments start, hearts are broken, and most of all, Will she remember anything from this trip of a lifetime?


1. Best News

Jennifer's P.O.V

I get up to find my clock turned off. I run into my brother Max's room. "Oh my God, What time is it?!" I scream at him.

"7:30, why?" he says whilst throwing a pillow at me. I know it seems like he thinks I'm annoying, but really, he loves me!

"Because we were supposed to meet Dad at his work at 8:00!" I exclaimed. I really don't know why my Dad wants us to meet him at work, but I figured it must be important. Ever since Mom left and moved halfway across the world, he never really jokes around anymore. When I was about 8, everything started changing. I began to take notice in how my family was acting. My parents would start arguing over the dumbest things! Like for example, Mom and Dad were once fighting on who would watch Max and me for the weekend while they were away! Little did I know that it was just the beginning. So the fights continued until about a year later. That is when my parents told me that they wouldn't be living together anymore. At that point I just started crying because I didn't know what was going on with my family! I never fully understood until I was 11 and Max was 13 and explained everything to me. My mom later decided to completely abandon my family and move all the way from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in the U.S.A to Manchester, London in the U.K. I never really forgave my mother for doing that to my family and me.

After yelling at my brother for five minutes to get up, I ran into my room to get dressed and ready. Since I'm just meeting Dad at work I just throw on some red jeans and a navy blue and white striped blouse, and put my usually straight, medium length, brown, wavy hair up in a messy bun. Great, now we have only fifteen minutes to get to Dad's work, which is twenty-five minutes away! So my brother and I ran out of the house and jumped into the car. On our way the radio was really quiet, but I would know that tune from anywhere! Dum, du dum, du dum, dum dum dum.... OH MY GOD. 

I screamed, "MAX TURN THE RADIO UP!"

"Why... *gasps* IS IT ONE DIRECTION?!" he asks mocking my girly fan voice.

I reply back, "Yes! So shut up and turn up the radio!" Wow, I was shocked that he actually agreed to turn it up! So pretty much the rest of the way to Dad's work we just listened to the radio while I sang to the music.

"You guys are late, I was starting to get a little worried!" said my father. 

"Sorry... my clock wasn't working, and Max never wakes up earlier than 11:30" I say with a smile to my father."

"So Dad, what did you want us to wake up this early on a Saturday for?" my brother asked as he rolls his eyes, practically falling asleep whilst standing. 

"Ugh, Max... show Dad some respect you lazy ass!" I shouted at him.

"Thank you Jennifer. Well, after tons of planning, and saving up for years, and years... Jen... Max... we are going to go on a summer long vacation to London, England!" 


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