Not Just A Cure (The Cure)

Brooklyn Elizabeth has a secret. One she can't tell anyone in fear of hurting them and losing them. She can't even tell her best friend, Harry or Juliet. But what will happen when her mum leaves for business and Brooke spends a couple months with her 6 best friends, Juliet, Niall, Harry, Louis, Zayn and Liam. Will she lose everyone she loves because of her secret? Will everyone be understanding? Will anything ever go her way?


:)Xx ~enjoy


9. Let her find YOU.

(Harry Pov) 
We got to the closest bar/night club and walked past all the people and up the counter. The bartender slid over four doubles and Zayn and I tossed them back like they were water. One after another, or two at a time, either way it was all blurred. Zayn and I both being drunk, but still aware of what we were doing. "Yanno. You could just tell her, mate." Zayn said to me. "How? I just tried that, look where it got me, and look where it got Louis." I snapped at him "so write it to her. Leave it in the post box or on the table with the rest of her mail in an envelope." After that i ran out to go and write the note, once finished i threw it with the rest of the mail as i walked in the house. I laid back in my room and shut my eyes. Cant wait for this to be over tomorrow.
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