Not Just A Cure (The Cure)

Brooklyn Elizabeth has a secret. One she can't tell anyone in fear of hurting them and losing them. She can't even tell her best friend, Harry or Juliet. But what will happen when her mum leaves for business and Brooke spends a couple months with her 6 best friends, Juliet, Niall, Harry, Louis, Zayn and Liam. Will she lose everyone she loves because of her secret? Will everyone be understanding? Will anything ever go her way?


:)Xx ~enjoy


5. Kissed Her.

We made it to Micahs house and got out of the caravan. Zayn and Liam took off to the main floor in the house, Louis went to mingle, and i. I Needed a drink. That is if i was going to make it through tonight. We danced and laughed and all that jazz until the final three minutes to the new year. I sent Brook a text asking her to meet me by the pond. Louis said he'd be behind the bush to make sure everything was going alright.
-meet me by the pond. x
*ok? :) I responded. 
Silly Harry. Whats he up to anyways?
I walked up and out of the loud crowded rooms and out onto the lawn to the pond. From where i was standing you were able to see the whole party through the giant window in front of the house that stretched from one side to the other. 
I sat on the bench and waited as i looked towards the window. I saw some of the boys. Niall was buzzed out drunk and dancing. Gotta love him. Then there was Zayn talking to Liam. Must of been funny because they both fell over in laughter.
I waited for a little bit til i saw moving across the room. I moved some of the hair that continuously moved in front of my face and tucked it behind my ear, took a deep breath and stood up. Then suddenly Harry kissed her. Who? I dont even want to know. I felt my heart drop down to the pit of my stomach and the tears beginning to form in my eyes. Harry continued to move and started to walk towards me. I stood up wiping away a tear. I ran off in the opposite direction and ran into Louis' chest.
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