Not Just A Cure (The Cure)

Brooklyn Elizabeth has a secret. One she can't tell anyone in fear of hurting them and losing them. She can't even tell her best friend, Harry or Juliet. But what will happen when her mum leaves for business and Brooke spends a couple months with her 6 best friends, Juliet, Niall, Harry, Louis, Zayn and Liam. Will she lose everyone she loves because of her secret? Will everyone be understanding? Will anything ever go her way?


:)Xx ~enjoy


7. Just us two. And no one else.

Louis looked to me and smiled. "Cmon. Lets go to the room. Watch a film? Sleep?" He laughed pulling me closer to him "yeah. Sounds good." I smile taking Lou's hand leading him upstairs.
We walked in and i shut the room door. I walked over to the dresser and handed him a pair of jammie bottoms. I stripped down to my briefs and brasier, not like it was anything drastic, throwing on an old over sized shirt. I walked over to him, grabbing the remote to the telly and looked up to him as i plopped on the end of the bed with a little smile. "What?" He laughed "nothing. Just never really seen you that protective." I whisper "well I've never seen you so hurt." He responded softly. I watched as Louis hung held up by his arms, hovering over me. He grabbed my hand pulling me up to lay next to him, quietly wrapping his arms around me i smile as i let him choose the film. "Louis?" I ask softly "whats up love?" He asked "when they get here im not up for talking. I really dont feel like talking to any of the boys. Even though theyre not ALL to blame. Yanno? Please?" He looked to me and kissed my forehead "Just us two."
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