Not Just A Cure (The Cure)

Brooklyn Elizabeth has a secret. One she can't tell anyone in fear of hurting them and losing them. She can't even tell her best friend, Harry or Juliet. But what will happen when her mum leaves for business and Brooke spends a couple months with her 6 best friends, Juliet, Niall, Harry, Louis, Zayn and Liam. Will she lose everyone she loves because of her secret? Will everyone be understanding? Will anything ever go her way?


:)Xx ~enjoy


6. I Love You? I Love You.

I beat my fists against Louis chest trying to get out of his grip. "LET GO OF ME. LET GO. LEt go..." I cried letting all my tears stream down my face. Louis looked at me sitting me down on the bench again then i saw him walking up to Harry. "Now. Ive helped you try with this, ive looked after you. But the biggest way to repay a person is by hurting someone i care about? Really Haz?" Harry broke in "but Lou-
"But nothing." Louis snapped
"Cmon Brook. Were leaving." He said softly taking my hand while walking to the car. He drove us home not letting go of my hand. We walked in and i threw my shoes in a corner as Louis did the same. I looked at him and wiped away a tear. He stepped closer to hug me putting his arms around my torso and my arms around his neck. "I love you." I whispered. I wasn't sure if it was because i was upset. But i know what i said. And i meant it. "I love you too." Louis responded softly. I smiled and moved forward pressing our lips together then i pulled back and he looked at me "what was that for?" He smiled opening his eyes. "Because i should have noticed you a long time ago." I whispered. 
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