Not Just A Cure (The Cure)

Brooklyn Elizabeth has a secret. One she can't tell anyone in fear of hurting them and losing them. She can't even tell her best friend, Harry or Juliet. But what will happen when her mum leaves for business and Brooke spends a couple months with her 6 best friends, Juliet, Niall, Harry, Louis, Zayn and Liam. Will she lose everyone she loves because of her secret? Will everyone be understanding? Will anything ever go her way?


:)Xx ~enjoy


8. Ease the tension Zayn.

(Harry POV)
I stood in the same place i watched her leave. My hands balled into fists and my cheeks blaring red. I pulled out my phone and spammed Brook. I called left voicemails but still, nothing. My calls and all were ignored or declined. Kill me. Just fucking kill me. I turned slightly looking over my shoulder, and see Zayn walk over. I explain to him everything possible an he pats my shoulder "Cmon. Lets get a few drinks." He smiled, then i agreed. A few drinks. No harm in that right? WRONG. DEAD WRONG.
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