Stole My Heart

Emelline Gooding And Her Friends Are In For A Big Suprise Once They Meet A Certain Someone At Starbucks .


2. Pancakes , Coffee , & Phone Numbers

Poke . I Felt A Finger Jab Into My Side , I Stayed Still In Bed Trying To Fall Back Asleep. Poke Poke Poke . "Cut It Out !" I Groaned From Underneath The Covers . "Wake Up !" I Heard A Familiar Voice Say , It Was Way To Early To Match Voices With Faces And I Was Not A Morning Person . Poke Poke . "I'M UP !" I Yelled As I Threw The Duvet Off Of Me And Sat Up . "Oh , Glad You Decided To Join Us" Chase Said Sarcastically "Can It Mahone" I Said As Made My Way To The Shower . When I Got In I Let The Warm Water , Hit My Cold Skin Relaxing Me And Waking Me Up . I Washed My Body With Vanilla Scented Body Wash , And Washed My Hair With Green Apple Shampoo . When I Got Out Of The Shower I Dried My Body Off And Put On My Turquoise Bra And Matching Lace Underwear That I Got From Victoria Secret . I Went To My Bedroom Where I Found Peyton And Chase On My Laptop Browsing Away On Tumblr And Listening To 'Everything About You' . I Shooed Them Out And Changed . I Threw On A White Collared Button Up Shirt With A Black Bow Tie , I Slipped On A Pair Of Red High Waisted Shorts , And Finished Off The Look With A Pair Of Black TOMS® . I Went To The Bathroom And Began Working On My Hair , I Combed Out The Long Mess And Left It Natural , Letting My Bangs Sweep To The Side . I Then Put On A Small Application Of Winged Eyeliner And Mascara Framing My Piercing Blue Eyes . Once I Finished I Made My Way Down Stairs For Breakfast With The Girls .

"OhMyGoshPeytonThesePancakesAreDelish !" Chase And I Managed To Say At The Same Time "Of Course They Are , I Made Em" Peyton Said As She Stabbed A Pancake With Her Fork And Drowned It In Syrup "What Do You Guys Feel Like Doing Today ? ." Chase Asked As She Got Up From Her Seat And Made Her Way To The Kitchen To Dump Her Plate Into The Sink . "We Could Go Shopping ." I Said As I Stood Up And Made My Way Over To Where Chase Was So I Could Clean My Dirty Dish As Well . I Looked At The Clock On The Wall , 10:45 . "Yeah , Let's Hit Up Starbucks First" Peyton Said As She Got Up , Leaving Her Plate On The Table . Chase Grabbed Her Car Keys Off Of The Kitchen Counter And We Made Our Way Out , I Closed The Door And Jiggled The Knob Making Sure It Was Locked Before We Left Completely  . 

"Under The Lights Tonight , Turned Around And You Stole My Heart !" The 3 Of Us Sang As We Made Our Way To StarBucks "There's A Free Spot Right There !" Peyton Said As She Pointed To The Blank Space In The Parking Lot "Ooooh!" Chase Yelled As She Threw Her Left Hand In The Air And Left Her Right One On The Steering Wheel .  When Chase Parked , We Made Our Way Out Breathing In The Soothing Aroma Of Coffee In The Air .

"I'll Have A Cookie Crumble Mocha ." I Said As I Gave The Barista A Smile "I'll Have A Pumpkin Spice Late" Chase Said "And I'll Take A Caramel Mochiato" Peyton Said . The Barista Wrote Our Orders Down And Made Her Way To The Back As The Girls And I Took A Seat At A Window Booth . I Logged Onto Twitter As We Waited For Our Coffee @Louis_Tomlinson: On Our Way To Starbucks, It's Good To Have A Break Every Now And Then . I Smiled At His Tweet Due To The Fact That We Were At Starbucks And Because He's Such A Sweet Heart . "Hey , Have You Seen Louis' Last Tweet ?" Chase Asked With A Cheeky Grin "Yes , He's Going To Starbucks . So ?" I Asked Sarcastically "So , What If He Comes To This Starbucks ?" Peyton Asked Inching Closer . "Well If He Comes To This Starbucks , Today's Our Lucky Day !" I Said "That Too , But It Also Means He'll Have The Rest Of The Boys With Him" Chase Said Excitedly "Order For Emelline !" The Barista Shouted From Behind The Counter . I Got Up From My Seat And Made My Way To The Counter . "Thank You" I Said To The Barista As I Paid Her And Walked Away With Our Coffee . But As I Turned Around , I Slammed Into A Hard Figure Causing Me To Stumble Back A Bit And Tip The Drinks Over . "You Alright ?" A Familiar Voice Asked  I Looked Up To See Who The Stranger Was "SWEET BABY JESUS , Your Louis Tomlinson !" I Exclaimed As I Went Into Extreme Fangirl Mode . "Yes And You Are ?" Louis Asked "Emelline , Uh ! Emelline Gooding !" I Said Nervously . I Looked Back To See Peyton And Chase Staring Back At Me With Wide Eyes And Opened Mouths . "Uhm Can I Get A Picture With You ?" I Asked As I Turned Back Around And Placed The Coffee Back Onto The Counter And Pulled My iPhone Out Of My Pocket . "Of Course Love" Louis Said As He Grabbed My Phone And Came To Stand By Me "Smile !" He Said As He Placed His Finger On The Button . My Phone Made The Shutter Noise And I Grabbed It To Examine The Picture "Perfect" I Thought To Myself . "Call Me Sometime ?" Louis Asked As He Shoved A Slip Of Paper Into The Pocket Of My Shorts . 
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