Stole My Heart

Emelline Gooding And Her Friends Are In For A Big Suprise Once They Meet A Certain Someone At Starbucks .


1. The List

"Are You Sure Your Fine Being Home Alone ?" My Mum Asked As She Stood In Front Of Me With Her Hands On Her Hips . "Of Course , I'll Call Peyton And Chase Over So I Won't Be Completely Alone ." I Said As I Took A Sip Of My Caramel Mochiatto My Mum Brought Me . "A Little Company Wouldn't Hurt , But No Boys !" My Mum Exclaimed Giving Me Her 'I'm Serious' Finger Point . "How Much Trouble Can I Possibly Get Into ? You'll Only Be Gone 6 Days ." I Said As I Placed My Coffee Down And Let Out A Long Sigh . "I Love You Sweetie , Be Safe And Call Me If You Need Anything . There's $300 For Food Or Whatever It Is You Need , I Made A List Of Emergency Phone Numbers Including Your Father And I's . It's Taped Onto The Front Of The Fridge ." My Mum Said Before She Walked Over To Me And Gave Me A Bone Crushing Hug . "Can't . Breathe ." I Managed To Choke Out . "Love You !" My Mum Said As She Opened The Front Door Making Her Way Out With Her Suitcases In Tow . My Father Was Already Out In The Car , He Had Said Bye A Few Hours Ahead Of Time So They Wouldn't Be Late . After I Was Sure They Were Gone , I Got Up From My Spot At The Table And Went To Get My Phone . "Hello" Peyton Answered
"Are You With Chase ?"
"Yeah Why ?" 
"Come Over , Mums Gone For 6 Days And I Don't Wanna Be Alone"
"Kay On Our Way" I Needed The Girls To Come Over So I Wouldn't Freak Out About Every Little Noise I Heard , I Have Wood Floors So They Tend To Creak Every Now And Than .

I Sat In Front Of The Tv Eating Pizza Rolls And Watching 'Ridiculousness' . "Knock Knock , Open Up !" I Heard A Familiar Voice Say From Outside . "Come In !" I Yelled As I Stuffed A Pizza Roll Into My Mouth . The Door Flew Open And Peyton Was Dragging Multiple Bags Into The House . "What'd You Bring , Your Whole Room ?" I Asked Sarcastically "Almost , But Not Completely !" Peyton Joked Back "FOOOD !" Chase Yelled As Dropped Her Bag And Went To Sit Beside Me On The Couch . "Just Take The Whole Plate" I Said As I Handed Chase My Plate With 6 Pizza Rolls Remaining  . "Can We Go See A Movie Or Something ?" Peyton Asked As She Took A Seat On The Floor . "What Movie ?" I Asked Curiously "Ooh , How About We Stay Here And Watch A Few Films" Chase Stated As She Got Up From Her Seat On The Couch And Made Her Way To The Kitchen Where She Than Begin Digging In The Pantry "She's Got Cheez-its" Chase Added With A Large Smile On Her Face . "I Hate Living In The Uk Our Summer Is Turning Out To  Be Nothing But Rubbish" Peyton Said As She Threw Her Head Back In Disappointment "Oh Cheer Up Pey , We Still Have A Whole Two Months Before Summers Over ." I Said As I Gave Her A Reassuring Thumbs Up . "Oi , Let's Make A List Of Things We Should Do This Summer !" Chase Said As She Ran Back Over To Peyton And I With A Pen And Paper She Got From The Kitchen Counter .
"Number One , Meet One Direction ." I Said As I Jotted It Down Onto The Blank Sheet Of Paper And Passed The Pen Down To Chase. "Go On Tour With The Boys!" Chase Wrote As She Handed The Pen Off To Peyton After She Finished . "Hmm" Peyton Said As She Tapped The Pen Up Against Her Temple "Ah Yes , Play Truth Or Dare With One Direction" Peyton Wrote Down As She Put The Cap Back Onto The Pen When She Finished . We Took One Good Look At The List And Swore That We Would Try To Do All Three Of These Things Before Summer Ended . Who Knew That This One List Would Change My Life Forever .
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