Infinity & Beyond !UNDER CONSTRUSTION!

---- Hey everyone i was reading this and i noticed all of my errors and my fetus writing was pissing me off so this story is going under MAJOR CONSTRUSTION---Alyssa Shaddow has always been lucky, great grades, amazing friends, Best boyfriend. Untill one day when she stayed home from school, because she was sick. An unexpected fire started and everyone was killed at the school. Just when she thinks everything is horrible, she moves to a new town and meets the boy of her dreams, Niall Horan. Then she falls for him instantly. Theres one catch, she's not quite sure how to love again.

**To all my readers... This takes place after the X factor and Before they get signed**


7. Results

**Niall's P.O.V**

"Niall shes fine!!!" Harry explained over and over again, "she didn't die! Shes going to be alright."

"But, but," I cried, "I didn't save her."

"Niall she's fine!" Harry reasured me, "she didn't die!"

All of a curly brown haired girl walked in. For a moment I thought it was Harry, but I looked again, and it wasn't. Then she spoke, "IS SHE ALRIGHT!"

"Who are you," Harry asked moving over to her.

"Im Kaylee, Alyssa's cousin," she answered.

"Are you single?" Harry asked.

"HARRY!" I yelled, "really at a moment like this?"

"I'm single," she smiled, "is Alyssa going to be ok?"

Harry wouldn't say anything, so I spoke up, "yes she will be okay."

"So how do you know Alyssa?" Harry asked.

"Well we're cousins, we were both born on the same day, she's a year older though. We're exactlly alike, except I don't like chocolate," Kaylee smiled.

"How ironic," I smirked while I looked at Harry getting lost in Kaylees hazel eyes.

All of the sudden, in the corner of my eye, I saw Alyssa move. I quickly walked over to her bed side, grabbing her hand. "Please Alyssa, wake up, please princess, please," I pleaded. Then her eyes started to flutter. Slowly, she opened her eyes.

"Niall," she moaned.

"ALYSSA!" I screamed.

"It hurts," she barely whispered.

"I'll go get a nurse," I replied.

**Alyssa's P.O.V**

  I woke up, it seamed like a dream. Then I remembered. The shark. It was huge. He came up from under neath me and took a huge chunk of my flesh. My leg was burning, Why me? Is all I thought.

Then the doctor came in with Niall.

"Alyssa, your awake, good. You had a rough day," she explained, "You are going to be fine, you leg is healing well!"

"How long before I get out of here?" I asked.

"In a couple of days," she answered.

"Ughh," I moaned throwing my head into the pillow. Why does bad stuff always happen to me? Karma...

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