Infinity & Beyond !UNDER CONSTRUSTION!

---- Hey everyone i was reading this and i noticed all of my errors and my fetus writing was pissing me off so this story is going under MAJOR CONSTRUSTION---Alyssa Shaddow has always been lucky, great grades, amazing friends, Best boyfriend. Untill one day when she stayed home from school, because she was sick. An unexpected fire started and everyone was killed at the school. Just when she thinks everything is horrible, she moves to a new town and meets the boy of her dreams, Niall Horan. Then she falls for him instantly. Theres one catch, she's not quite sure how to love again.

**To all my readers... This takes place after the X factor and Before they get signed**


5. Pulled under

I looked up and saw Harry was dragging my by my feet into the ocean. If he wanted me to go in so badly, he just should have asked.

"Harry if you want me to go in, just ask me!" I yelled hoping he would let go, but he didn't. He just kept pulling me.

"Harry I think thats enough, let her go," Niall yelled to Harry.

"What you gonna do lover boy?" Harry smirked.

"Let go of my girl!" Niall pleaded, running over to me. Harry then let go of my feet.

"All you alright Princess?" Niall asked me. Wait no, this can't be happening. Niall can't like me, I always just thought that he was so inlove with his food that he didn't have anytime to find a girl friend.

"Princess?" I shot up, "who's princess?"

"Uhm er, I though you could be My Princess," Niall answered.

I can't go through another broken heart. I just lost my boy friend and all my friends. It was just to hard to forget that. I loved my boyfriend, and he loved me.

"Niall I have a boyfriend," I lied.

"Oh," Niall just looked pale.

"I told you we should have asked her if she had a boyfriend," Louis whispered to Liam.

Zayn was still fixing his hair, I don't think he even was paying attention at what was going on. Then, I got up and walked into the water. The rest of the boys were silent. I guess it was Akward with what just happened.

"Do you guys know why I moved here?" I asked. They were all silent.

"I used to live in north Jersey. But there was a fire in my school, I was luck. I didn't go to school that day, because I was sick. The whole place burned down to ground level, there were no survivers. I had to move, I couldn't bear staying there. I lost all my friends and my boyfriend. Thats why I'm here today. I just can't have a boyfriend right now, its too painful." I added.

"I'm so sorry," Liam replied.

"Hey its ok, I just want to have fun now, and try to get it off of my mind," I answered.

"Ok I have an idea," Harry said, then whispered to all the boys.

All of the sudden everything went black.


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