Infinity & Beyond !UNDER CONSTRUSTION!

---- Hey everyone i was reading this and i noticed all of my errors and my fetus writing was pissing me off so this story is going under MAJOR CONSTRUSTION---Alyssa Shaddow has always been lucky, great grades, amazing friends, Best boyfriend. Untill one day when she stayed home from school, because she was sick. An unexpected fire started and everyone was killed at the school. Just when she thinks everything is horrible, she moves to a new town and meets the boy of her dreams, Niall Horan. Then she falls for him instantly. Theres one catch, she's not quite sure how to love again.

**To all my readers... This takes place after the X factor and Before they get signed**


3. Brunch with the boys

As we walked over to Niall's place, I got a sudden jolt in my stomach. I can't believe I am going to me the rest of One Direction! I was really nervous. I didn't dislike any of them, but if I had to pick any of them, i'd pick harry as my favorite. I never really looked around the neighborhood. Because as we walked across the street, their house was a Huge mansion. Double doors, a huge pool and a view that was breath taking. Figures, cause they're famous. As we got to the door, Niall swong it open. Guess they don't lock their doors.

"Guys we have a guest!" Niall anounced.

"Well well well, who do we have here? A fair young maiden?" Louis asked. I laughed.

"Everyone, this is Alyssa. Alyssa, the boys." Niall added.

"Hi Alyssa," they all said at the exact same tone as they do when they say "Hi We're One Direction".

"Hi," I blushed, normally i'm never shy.

"Who's up for lunch, I'm starved!" Niall laughed as he ran to the kitchen.

"Harry is a pretty good cook," Liam admitted.

"Really?" What can you cook?" I asked Harry.

"Just about anything you can think of," he replied, winking

Oh. My. God. Harold. Styles. Just. Winked. At. Me.

Walking to the kitchen, Louis grabbed my arm from the back and pulled me outside, while he was holding a bag of carrots. "DO YOU LIKE CARROTS?" he asked in a funny tone.

"Yes I do," I giggled.

"Good, then have one!" he screamed.

"Oh no i'm goo-" he then shoved a carrot in my mouth.

"Thanks," I answered scarcastically, walking back into the house.

"mhh something smells good," I sniffed.

"Its penne vodka, my own recipe," Harry added.

"Wow, you're crafty!" I laughed.

Walking back outside I get the table up. A place mat, cup, napkin, spoon etc. Harry then came out and placed the gigantic dish on a pot holder.

"Why make so mu-" I cut my own self off, "oh niall."

Running outside Niall litterally shoved his face into his food. I mean, he ate such a huge plate in such little time. I Love Niall too but most of the time I think he is just a total pig. I wasn't even halfway done with my plate when Niall was on his third. Man. That was just insane. And I thought my boyfriend ate a lot, oh wait hes ... Nevermind. For most of the lunch, I just watched Niall eat. I was almost done when Liam broke the silence.

"Hey why don't we all go to the beach?" Liam asked.

"That sounds like fun," Louis replied.

"Ugh, but the sand is going to get in my hair!" Zayn sighed.

"Its settled, we're going to the beach!" Louis screamed running into the house. Sometimes I swear that boy was crazy.


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