The Lovely and The Lost

Serenity had always had a hard life, living threw her fathers death, her grandmothers, and her mother was terribly sick. She was always depressed about her mother, and if she would live. She would cut herself, and would always feel as if she wasn't worth anything. Until, someone changes her opinion of life and herself.


6. Promise. Lazy. Explain

                              Akkai's P.O.V

Brent was somewhat curious about Raine and I. He defenitly was not jealous, he was just making sure I was careful not to hurt her. She was very delicate like a small feather. We continued to speak.

"So, how did it come to her scars? I mean I know about her dad, grandmother, and mom but, why did she show you?" he asked with a curious look on his face.

"Well, she asked me to sleep in her room. So, I laid on the bed still in my pants and shirt. She told me to get comfortable, and I lied and said I was. She didn't believe me so, she grabbed my shirt and pulled it off revealing my scars. I laid there for a few seconds with my eyes completely shut. She asked why I had done this to myself, and I told her. Then, I said that I was amazed that she had never done anything like this to herself. When I looked up at her face she said 'I have'. Then, she pulled off her long-sleeve. I just stared for a minute and traced them with my finger. She cried and cried so, I just held her and told her to go to sleep. So, she finally did." I said half-smiling.

"Poor Raine. I feel so, bad for her." he said.

"I know."

"Promise you won't tell anyone." I said.

"I would never." He said.

Raine walked in with a long-sleeve and black skinny jeans on. We both turned to look at her. She gave an akward look at us.

"Did I forget to put pants on or something?" she asked, looking down at her legs.

"No..sorry." Brent said, turning back to finish his bowl of cereal. She went into the kitchen and I followed her.

"So, are you ditching school as well, Brent?" Raine asked, with a smirk on her face.

"Yep, this is usually the day Akkai and I ditch. God, you never noticed! Your such a good friend!" Brent said in a pout. 

"I do notice! I was just asking." she said, ruffling both our hair. I smiled, feeling electrcity run throughout my body. Her touch made me feel alive, again. 

"So, what are we doing today?" I asked grabbing her hand, making the electric go through me again.

"Uhh..." Raine said. Brent and I exchanged looks then, grinned. We both pulled her on the couch and turned on the TV.

"By the way, where is your brother?" Brent asked Raine.

"He spent the night with my mom, he should be back today." Raine said slowly, trying not to frown or show emotion. I hugged her, and kissed her head.

"Why don't we all go see her?" Brent asked.

"I can't, I'm too scared to see what cancer has done to her." she said about to cry.

"We don't have to. He was just asking. Calm down...shh.." I said, holding her tight. She whinned a little bit, that's when I remebered her scarred and bruised body under her clothes. "I'm sorry." I gently loosened my grip on her.

"It's okay." she said. Brent hugged her loosely. We all cuddled on the couch and watched TV. But, instead of watching a scary, or sad movie we watched a comedy to cheer her up. She giggled and we all laughed with her. The show ended and we begun to get bored again until, we heard the door open.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH MY LITTLE SISTER?!?" Derrek yelled. We all looked over at him quickly. I got up and started to walk toward him.

"Calm down, Derrek. We were just laying on the couch watching a movie." I said.

"You expect me to believe that when, there is you, that guy, and my little sister over there. Only one girl in the whole house!" he yelled. By this time Raine ran up and hid behind me then, peaked around me to see how angry Derrek was.

"Derrek! These are my friends! Stop making everything look bad!" she yelled at him.

"Shouldn't you have girls instead of guys as your friends?!" he said, looking strait at Brent and I.

      Everything went silent there for a few seconds, and I began to wonder why my back was soaking wet. I turned my head half way to see that Raine was in tears all over again. I looked her brother and just shook my head. It disappointed me that he would do something like this to his blood related sister. "I'm-m sorry, Raine.." Derrek stuttered. She didn't say anything she just put her hands over her eyes and walked in front of me over to Derrek and he wrapped her in a hug. They mumbled stuff to each other, and she walked back over to the couch and sat down. What a wonderful morning it had been.

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