The Lovely and The Lost

Serenity had always had a hard life, living threw her fathers death, her grandmothers, and her mother was terribly sick. She was always depressed about her mother, and if she would live. She would cut herself, and would always feel as if she wasn't worth anything. Until, someone changes her opinion of life and herself.


7. Morning Time..

                                  Akkai's P.O.V 

  Derrek had let Brent and I stay last night because, he still felt bad about hurting Raine's feelings. I had to sleep on the floor next to Raine's bed, though. Even, though Raine's insisted on me sleeping in her bed. Lets just say I gave in.

"Sleep over here, please!" she said in a whisper.

"I can't, your brother would kill me!" I said. 

"No he won't, you can get down there in the morning." 

"I will another time. I promise." I said back. She gave me the puppy-dog face, but I knew he would kick my butt just for sleeping in her bed. I thought about it for a minute, then got up off the floor and laid down on her bed. She smiled and kissed my nose.

"Thank you." 

"Yeah, yeah, yeah." I gave her a kiss on the cheek, then wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her close.

So what, I gave in but, I had a feeling that the next day wouldn't go so well. Maybe, I was right. 


                                   The Next Day

I woke up earlier than usual, and removed the arms around my chest carefully. Then, I smiled at Raine on her bed. I moved my body over to her room door, careful not to make a sound so I wouldn't wake Raine. 

"Where are you going?" chimed a beautiful voice. I turned around to see her sitting up. 

"I'm going to get some clothes for school today." I said gently and quietly. 

"Can I come, with you to your house?" she asked. "

"Yeah, sure. Just get ready." I quickly smiled, and sat down waiting. 

"Uhh...I-I..Can you go in the other room?" she asked. 

"Oh..Yeah. Sorry." I walked out of the room with a smile. I knew it was kind of embarrassing, so I just sat in the living-room waiting.

About 10 minutes later she came out dressed in her normal skinny jeans and long-sleeve. I smiled and kissed her cheek, then we walked to my house. It was only about a 5 minute walk and when we got there, my mother and father were already gone for work. We walked inside with hands attached like glue to paper. I let go and she followed me up to my room. I started to take off my shirt then all of the sudden, she kissed my back and it gave me electric signals all over me. I turned around and she placed a hand on my chest then, around to my back. I kept strong. I grabbed her hand pushed it away, she frowned and walked over to the other side of the room. She began looking at my stuff, and smiling at the photos. That's when I realized that the stuff I had told her were all lies, even the photos she looked at were lies. I thought about it and told myself I would tell her tomorrow, don't ruin her day again. I took my clothes off and told her not to look, she nodded. I put on my clothes and I kept watching her smile with her eyes tightly shut. I hugged her and her eyes fluttered open. 

"Ready?" she asked. 

"Yep, lets go." I said. We ran out of the house and over to hers. It was about 7 AM and we had to at school by 8. Once, we had gotten to her house we ran up stairs and woke up Brent and Derrek. They got up and got dressed. Raine and I ate some toast while watching TV and she sat on my lap.They took longer than, Raine and I combined. 

"So, are you excited?" I asked her.

"No, not really." she said, laughing.

"Why's that, Hun?" I asked her. 

"You know why.." she said. Then, it hit me. I hated him...Boii. No, not because he hurt the one I love. Even though, that's one of the reasons. But, because he is a mortal enemy. I absolutely hated him. 

"I'm sorry." I hugged her. She giggled.

                                     Raine's P.O.V 

I don't know why, but something was getting strange about Akkai. He got slightly jealous or angry every time I mentioned Boii. I know buys get jealous, but this was just something I'd never seen out of Akkai. By the time I was done thinking about them, Derrek and Boii came down the stairs. I jumped off Akkai's lap, and grabbed his hand and we all walked out the door. They all smiled and jumped in Derrek's car. Off we went!

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