The Lovely and The Lost

Serenity had always had a hard life, living threw her fathers death, her grandmothers, and her mother was terribly sick. She was always depressed about her mother, and if she would live. She would cut herself, and would always feel as if she wasn't worth anything. Until, someone changes her opinion of life and herself.


8. Hurt

Raine's P.O.V 

I was excited about going back to school, but just two things were on my mind. For one, Akkai kept acting weird around me, he kept holding my hand and pulling me close like he was trying to protect me. Not that I didn't like it but, it just wasn't like him. Then for two, I was scared to see...Boii. The thoughts of nights ago came rushing back to me and I closed my eyes and hoped they would go away. I gripped Akkai's hand, hoping that he wouldn't be there today. He kissed my head as we walked into school and went our separate ways.


After, Math class we went to lunch and I was surprised not to see Boii there. But, before I could finish my thought I saw him sit down next to Dessi. They were talking and I felt my heart skip some beats, hoping that he wouldn't notice me and hoped that I would just disappear from the face of the Earth. I walked over slowly to our table with my head down and sat. Then, Akkai and Brent joined us. There was a long silence and no one spoke at all. Until, Brent began to speak up. 

"So...Uhmm..What-" He began. 

"Look, Serenity! I'm sorry, O.K. You just don't need to be around me anymore. I wish I could explain why, but I'm just..just 'trouble'." Boii said and with that he got up and left his tray. I just sat there with my head looking straight down at my tray. I could tell that by now everyone at the table was looking at me. I tilted my head up the slightest to look at Akkai, but he was long gone. He was not sitting beside me. Brent was beside me now and he held his arms out to pull me into a hug, I accepted it. Why? Why did this day ever happen? 

Akkai's P.O.V

I was sick of this dude. I knew his little secret and he knew mine. We were mortal enemies, good(me) and of course, bad(him). Soon, I would have to tell Raine. I ran after Boii in the parking lot in front of the school. 

"Boii!" I yelled angrily. He turned around slowly, with an evil grin on his face. 

"Why, yes Akkai?" he said, in a nice tone, but with an angry expression on his face. I pushed him up against the nearest truck and grinned. 

"I am sick of the way you treat Raine. Just leave the state, no just leave her. You don't deserve anyone like her." I said. 

"That was what I was planning on until you stopped me, and stop acting like your just friends with her. The angels know that your messing around with her, and so do I." he said with a smirk and a sly chuckle.

"How would you know anything about the angels? Your no longer one and shall never be one again." 

"I have my contacts." he said. I pushed up harder to the truck and he grunted. 

"Who are your contacts?" I pushed him harder to the truck and he kept grunting."I could do this all day.." 

"Felix M. Harber he lives in Blockader, Maine." I made a mental image in my head of where this was. Then, let him go. 

"Leave, before I call the arch-angels to come kill you completely." I said, loudly. He ran off and I walked back into the school to get Raine and leave. The angels knew, and if they found out about me revealing my scars to her then, I'd be honest I don't know how bad the consequences were. 


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