The Lovely and The Lost

Serenity had always had a hard life, living threw her fathers death, her grandmothers, and her mother was terribly sick. She was always depressed about her mother, and if she would live. She would cut herself, and would always feel as if she wasn't worth anything. Until, someone changes her opinion of life and herself.


2. Finally

                                   Day 4 Of Diary

                         It was a day later that I noticed Boii wasn't as akward as I thought he would be. At lunch we would laugh at the stupidest things. But, there was something that I noticed about him. 

A few days ago, we were having a conversation about our family. When I asked him what his parents were like, he stayed completely quiet and never looked at any one of us. Maybe, he didn't have a mother or a father anymore, or maybe he never did. He was hard to understand but, it was intresting trying to understand. This is when my mind took over me, and I knew I had to get to know him better.

                                       The Next Day

                                       Raine's P.O.V

I walked into Science, seeing Boii smiling at me. I waved and motioned him over to my desk. Then, he slowly walked overand I could tell by his face he was intrested in what I was going to say.

"Hey Boii, quick question. Do you mind coming over today?" I asked, smiling.

"Me coming to your house?" he asked, amazed.

"Yes, you, me, my house today." I smiled, even though I hated my smile. He chuckled and ruffled his hair.

"Uhh..I guess."

"Yay!" He hugged me, then quickly ran to his seat as the teacher came inside. It finally happened. I could find more stuff out about him.



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