The Lovely and The Lost

Serenity had always had a hard life, living threw her fathers death, her grandmothers, and her mother was terribly sick. She was always depressed about her mother, and if she would live. She would cut herself, and would always feel as if she wasn't worth anything. Until, someone changes her opinion of life and herself.


1. Sadness

                                                            Day 1 Of Diary

     Not a day went by that I didn't think about my dad, he was such a hard working man. He never gave up, he always fought until he was the last man standing. He was bound and determined to make my mom, and I happy. I felt tears streaming down my cheeks.

"Serenity?" That was Brent, he had always took up for me in a heart beat. If I was down, he'd pick me up, and make everything better.

"I'm fine." I tried smiling.

"Ok, just making sure." He smiled back.

"Ms. Jay! Do you mind telling me the meaning of this?" That was Mrs. Wakelend, my teacher, wait let me rephrase that, my least favourite teacher. She stood and stared at Brent and I.

"I told Brent that we had to do page 217 for homework." I said frowning.

"Well, then Mr. Fredrick make sure you listen next time!" She yelled.

"Yes, mam'." He said rolling his eyes at me.  Anyways, back to daydreaming. I'm Serenity, people call me Raine. I have a older brother named Derek, and he's 18, I'm 15.  We pretty much, look just alike. Minus our eye color. Then, Brent was like a brother, he came over and we would talk, give each other advice, and my favourite part! Play video games! I also, had Akkai who was just like a brother, as well. I could go on, and on..but, you'll meet them later.

"Ms. Jay! Put the Diary away!?!" Mrs. Wakelend said.

"Yes, mam'." I said, turning to see Brent snickering. When Mrs.Wakelend turned around, I hit Brent in the arm, but ended up hurting myself. He continued to laugh.

When that class ended, I got to see my friend Dessi. She was amazing, everyone said we were dating. But, I wasn't like that, but Dessi was. So, It always scared me that she might like me that way. Even though, she swore she loved me like I was her little sister. Sorry, got off on the wrong subject. This period we had Math, I wasn't the best at it, but I had to pass.

"Dessi!!" I yelled into the room.

"Raine!!" We hugged each other, we had always got there early so we could talk before, the teacher and the rest of class got here.

"So, how was Science?" she asked.

"Uhmm..Let's see..I got yelled at twice and then, Brent got yelled at so..ok..I guess." I said, and she giggled

"How's the family," she asked, frowning. I felt tears run down my face, "I'm sorry, Raine, I shouldn't of asked." she wiped my tears with her thumbs.

"No, it's ok. My mom is still really sick, and my dad he's still dead, so is my grandma." I said crying.

"I'm really sorry." She frowned, then Akkai walked in.

"What's going on?" He asked.

"I asked a stupid question, and Raine is sad.." she frowned.  Akkai hugged me and helped wipe away my tears.

"It will be ok, Raine." he said smiling.

"I know, I know...can I have another hug?" I smiled, and he hugged me. I played with his black hair that swept to one side of his head, that covered part of his right eye. By now, more people were coming in. He let go, so did I. Then, he sat right in front of me, with Dessi behind me. I loved my friends, and they were so, supportive. I could tell them anything, and they would keep their mouths shut. I knew I had more guy-friends then, I did girls. A couple of years ago, I got tired of girls starting drama. It was childish so, I made more guy friends. I now, only have one girl that's my friend. Everything was perfect a couple about four months ago. Until, my grandmother died. Sure, I was upset, but then, things got worse. My dad died in a terrible car wreck. Then, the worse. My mom had gotten diagnosed with cancer. I felt as if, my whole family was dissapearing. So, this was when I started cutting myself, repeatedly. I got called lots of things, but the worst word said to me was "emo". I wasn't, I just was depressed. None of my friends knew, and if they did they'd never talk to me again.

"Ms. Jay? What is the anwser to number 12?" Mr.Lance asked.

"Oh..uh," Stupid daydreaming, I looked down at my book,"8.29"

"Good job." Mr.Lance smiled.  Akkai, turned around and winked at me, as if to say the same as Mr. Lance. I smiled at him. I had to admit I had always had the slightest bit' of a crush on him. His smile, his hair, his beautiful silver eyes. I noticed that I was staring at him, and he noticed, also. I turned away acting as if, I done nothing. He blushed, knowing I stared.

The class ended and it was time for lunch. I grabbed my tray, ever since my grandmother and dad died I had been a vegetarian. I sat at our table. Known as "The emo table." I rolled my eyes, we were not emo, just scene. I turned around seeing Dessi, Akkai, and Brent walking over talking. Then, behind them I saw a boy our age. I have to say he was almost as hott as Akkai and, Brent. I motioned them all over toward me, including the new guy. They walked over smiling, and then as they sat down Dessi started to talk.

"Raine!" She hugged me.

"It has only been 10 minutes," I said laughing. They all laughed with me.

"Hi." I said to the new guy.

"Hey, I'm Boii." He said smiling at us.

"I like your name, it's very unique." I said, smiling.

"Thanks." He said, as Akkai started to speak.

"No one ever said my name was unique." He pouted. I hugged him.

"Is that better?" I asked.

"Yes!" He giggled.  I played with his dark hair. Then, Boii started to speak.

"Do you two date?" He asked, Dessi and Brent burst out laughing. I facepalmed myself.

"No, no we don't,dude. Just friends." Akkai said frowning.

"Sorry." He frowned.

"Unless, you want to date her?" Dessi said.

"No..I..was..just asking." He studdered.

"I'm Serenity, by the way," I started, " but, everyone calls me Raine."

"Beautiful." he said, winking. I blushed.

"Thank you." I said, seeing that he noticed me blushing. Everyone at the table was silent. I ate some of the food on my tray then, lost intreast and I began to speak to Akkai.

"So..When are you coming over?" I asked, smiling.

"Uhm..I can't come this week..I'm grounded." he frowned at the ground.

"Oh..Okay." I frowned, then looked around, boredly. Boii started  to look at his schedule.

"Oh look! I have Science with you, Raine." he said, smiling. Great, I had Science with him. To be honest, he ws strange and out of the ordaniary.

"Oh..That's awesome." I said, trying to sound happy. Lunch ended and we all got up.








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