My Celebrity Crush

Kayla never imagined that when she got her guts up to try out for The X-Factor that her whole world would change. Her inspiration were five amazing boys, but one seemed to always stand out. Will she find the man of her dreams or will it just be another celebrity crush?

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9. Snap A Picture.

 I didn't realize it at first, but there were a lot of paparazzi everywhere. I knew there probably would be, because I was with Louis, but it wasn't only that, when people started to recognize me from the show. I hadn't realized how many people had actually watched the show. A short and skinny waitress with long hair came over to take our drink order.

"Hello my name is Lucy and I will be your server tonight, what will you have to drink?" She had the biggest smile on her face when Louis spoke. I had never really felt jealous before, but I think at that point in time their was a little jealousy rising up in me. Louis spoke to her sweetly.

"I'll Just have a water, thanks." He was so sweet to everyone. One of the many reasons why I was starting to fall for him so quickly.

"And for the lady?" She said dropping her smile when she looked at me. To be honest, I felt kind of offended.

"I'll just have sweet tea please, thank you." I said smiling. I didn't want to play along with her little game, I just wanted to have the perfect night with Louis.

  Louis and I looked over our menu, there were so many yummy sounding foods on it. It was making my mouth water. Lucy had come back over to our table to take our orders. I didn't really pay attention this time, I watched all the people outside starring through the window. I was amazed how one T.V appearance can have such an effect. Lucy picked up our menus and walked back into the kitchen to put in our order. Louis held my hand across the table, I don't think he really cared about all the pictures. All his attention was focused on me, and I am thankful for that. His voice broke our silence.

"I'm really glad I got the chance to meet you." He looked into my eyes and I was mesmerized. He's glad he got the chance to meet ME? I hardly believed it, I'm just a small town Texas girl.

"I should be the one saying that to you, Your the amazing one." He rubbed my palm like he had done on my audition day.

" Kayla, I don't think you know how truly amazing you are, you are a beautiful singer, and from what I know about you already, you're a gorgeous person inside and out, and a damn good kisser..." He trailed off while looking away and smiling. I hit his arm playfully and we both laughed.

" Thanks Louis, it means a lot to me that you think that. My adventure here in London so far has been absolutely fantastic and I wouldn't change any part of it." I said being as sincere as I could. So far, tonight was going brilliantly.

    Once we had our food, I ate slowly. I didn't want this night to end. I looked outside again to see that most of the paparazzi had gone away, though people in the restaurant would stare occasionally. Lucy would pop by every now and then to check on us, but when she saw that Louis was holding my hand and giving me his undivided attention, she checked on us less often. The jealousy that I had felt before was now gone and had been replaced by the butterfly feeling that I love and felt every time I was with Louis. I wonder if Louis felt it too. I hoped so. When we had finished eating, we paid and left. I didn't see our limo anywhere and there was now paparazzi everywhere swarming us, snapping pictures, and screaming questions at us.

"Where is our car?" I yelled at Louis.

"I have no idea! It looks like we're going to have to run!" He yelled back. How was I going to run in these heels? I guess Louis read my mind because he picked me up and through me over his shoulder and he ran. I swear it was like I was in a movie.Everything was still so perfect. I still wondered where on Earth I got so much good luck.      

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