My Celebrity Crush

Kayla never imagined that when she got her guts up to try out for The X-Factor that her whole world would change. Her inspiration were five amazing boys, but one seemed to always stand out. Will she find the man of her dreams or will it just be another celebrity crush?

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15. Not Ready.

When we were all finished eating, I took up every ones plate and put them in the sink to do the dishes.

"Babe, you don't have to do those." Louis yelled into the kitchen.

"That's okay! I'll do them anyway!" I yelled back. The boys had left and I told Niall that I would call him and tell him when Brittany was flying in, not that she wouldn't tell him, I bet their going to get together. I smiled at the thought. They will be so cute. When I got finished with the dishes, I dried my hands and walked back into my room. Louis had his eyes glued on his video games. I came up to him being as quiet as I could and tickled him.

"Ahh! Babe stop!" He screamed as we rolled on to the floor. He was starting to tickle me now.

"Okay, now this isn't fair!" I yelled. He rolled on top of me and we were just laughing at each other for a little while. I starred into his eyes and kissed him softly as he moved his hands to my hips. He made it more passionate by sliding his tongue inside my mouth. We were getting caught up in the moment, He picked me up with my legs wrapped around his waist and carried to our room, and gentle threw me down on the bed. I don't think I wanted to go all the way today, I don't think I was ready. Just like that Louis was back on top of me and he was gently massaging my hips which felt amazing. I pulled away.

"I've never done this before, I don't think I'm ready yet." I said kinda frowning.

"That's okay babe, we can wait. I respect you." He said smiling sweetly. He was the best. He got up and and pulled me up. I kissed his cheek.

"I'm going to go get a shower." I said grabbing a towel and some clothes.

"Hurry up because I'm taking you out for a day of shopping." He said smiling and winking.

"You don't have to do that." I said smiling and winking back.

"But I want too." He said pecking me on the lips. I smiled and walked into the bathroom and shut the door. I turned the water on and got in. I started to sing. Hey, don't judge, I love to sing in the shower. I thought about shopping today with the boyfriend. Gosh I loved saying that. The only thing I wasn't looking forward too, was the Paps.  

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