My Celebrity Crush

Kayla never imagined that when she got her guts up to try out for The X-Factor that her whole world would change. Her inspiration were five amazing boys, but one seemed to always stand out. Will she find the man of her dreams or will it just be another celebrity crush?

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13. Cant Sleep.

I woke up around 3am and I couldn't go back to sleep. Louis is probably asleep and I don't want to wake him. I decided to go into the kitchen to get some water. I slipped on my slippers and walked out of the room. The T.V was going and Louis was asleep on the couch. He was laying on his stomach all sprawled out, he was too adorable. I tired to be as silent as I could but when I got water, I heard him move. I didn't see him sit up, so I don't think he woke up. When I finished my water, I started to make my way back to the room. That's when I tripped and fell over something. I heard Louis' laughing and I looked up.

"Did you just trip me?" I said kinda laughing and then again rubbing my head where it hit the floor.

"Yeah, I did, it just seemed like the right thing to do." He said still cracking up. He's such a joker.

"Uhhhhhhhh." I moaned. I was tired and now my head hurt a little. He got off the couch and pulled me to my feet.

" Are you okay babe?" He asked turning on the light, which made my eyes squint.

"Well I cant sleep, and then you tripped me so my head kinda hurts." I said rubbing it still.

" I'm sorry, why cant you sleep baby?" He asked me again taking my hands.

" I don't know, I guess I just cant." I said rubbing my eyes and yawning.

"I'll come lay down with you, do you think that will help?" He asked.

"Of course it will." I said smiling, giving him a quick peck on the lips. We walked back into the master bedroom and laid down on the the bed. We laid facing each other and he was playing with my hair. I closed my eyes. He started to sing softly. I drifted off again, only this time, I drifted into a deep sleep, No dream, Because I think now, my life was better than my dreams. 

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