My Celebrity Crush

Kayla never imagined that when she got her guts up to try out for The X-Factor that her whole world would change. Her inspiration were five amazing boys, but one seemed to always stand out. Will she find the man of her dreams or will it just be another celebrity crush?

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14. Breakfast in bed, Kinda.

The next morning, I woke up first. Louis had his arms around me protectively. I managed to get up without waking him up. I went into the kitchen to make breakfast. I made eggs, toast, bacon, pancakes, waffles, pretty much anything you could think of for breakfast. While I was flipping a pancake, I felt warm arms wrap around me from behind me. 

"Whats cookin' good lookin'?" He asked me with a very hott morning voice.

" Just a little breakfast." I said turning to him.

"A little? This is enough for all the boys! Well, maybe enough for Niall." He said looking at all the food. We laughed at the thought of Niall eating all of this food.

"Why don't you invite them over?" I asked. I hadn't seen them since yesterday, and I missed hungry Nialler. 

"That's a great idea, Niall will be so happy." He said while pulling out his. He walked in the other room to talk on the phone and I continued to make breakfast. 

"The boys are on their way over!" He yelled from our room. He was probably putting on some other clothes rather than his sweats. I turned the stove off and pulled out my phone, I was going to call Brittany and tell her about my amazing night. She didn't answer, then I remembered that it was like 2am there. She was probably asleep. The doorbell rang and I heard three knocks.

"I got it!" I yelled to Louis, who was still in our room. I went to go open the door, as soon as I did the boys literally ran to the kitchen. 

"I want one of everything!" Niall yelled. Harry, Liam and Zayn got their food and sat down in the living room.  Louis came out and made his plate and went to sit next to them. I made my plate and sat near the coffee table.

"So why are you here so early? I would have figured you where still asleep at your hotel room." Niall said. Me and Louis looked at each other and then he spoke.

"Kayla's having a family crisis, her brother was in a car accident and might not make it, chances are pretty slim. Her mother left to be with him so she's alone. I invited her to live here." Louis said smiling at me. I smiled back. 

" So are you two like, together?" Harry asked in a flirty voice. Louis winked at me.

"We fit like a puzzle." Cheesy, but cute.

"When is Brittany supposed to fly in?" Niall asked eagerly. 

"Friday Hopefully." I said, she needs to answer her phone though. 

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