A twisted love story

This is a story of true love, and how it is found with your heart and not your eyes


4. The truth

Chapter 4- (Harry's POV)
"well actually fantasychick told me on chatterbox" I managed to choke out. I was nervous as to how Blakely wound react when I told her I was the mystery man she had opened up to, told her life's story to. But ever since I saw her journal open after history I knew I had to tell her. I didn't mean to read her journal. As I was closing it I saw something about fantasychick and decided that it wouldn't hurt to skim over the first page. As I did I found out that the girl I had a crush on was my inspiration, she was fantasychick. I was overjoyed! I had had a crush on Blakely ever since we were freshmen and now I knew the real her. She was a deep, poetic, soulful person that had a way with words and it made me want her that much more. As I told her who I was a blank expression fell across her face. Then out of no where, she collapsed. She fainted and I caught her before she could hit the ground. 
I was in a panic! I was just about to call for help when her beautiful blue eyes fluttered open. "what happened?" she said confused. I helped her sit up and looked into her eyes. I went to speak but a look of shock flashed across her face and she gasped as she looked down at the note in her hand. "I remember." she said starring at the wall. She had the same blank look on her face. I was nervous and didn't know wether or not to break the silence when she spoke up "is it true? You're... Him?" she asked "yes." I replied looking at the ground. "well?" I said after a few more minutes of silence. "are you angry?" I asked. I just wanted to know what she thought. "no... Just confused... You can't pretend to be that romantic and down to earth even if it is online, but you can't pretend to be such an arrogant jerk either." she said glancing up at me and then turned back stare at the wall.  "arrogant jerk? That's a new one... I guess youre right though." I said she laughed softly and cracked a small smile. "so which one is it?" she said turning to face me. "which one is what?" I asked confused. She looked me straight in the eye, burning a hole into my heart. Her eyes were filled with mixed emotions. She was cautious "which one is the real you? Are you really that caring or are you just a flirt? Be honest. Because either way I know deep down that your a good person. I just don't know what to think about you. One minute you make my blood boil and the next all I want to do is kiss you." she said. I was shocked. Kiss me? I alway thought that I was nothing but a player to her. On the inside I was a softy, but I found out the hard way that softies get picked on and beat up. When I was in middle school I would come home crying every day. That's why I was such a jerk at school, because it was the only way to be cool and not be picked on. I know it was bad, but it wasn't worth being bullied to be yourself. "I'm just a softie... But that makes you an easy target to be picked on so I act like a jerk." I can't believe I just told her everything... Now all I wanted to know was if she believed me. "wow" was all she could manage to say. Then she looked me straight in the eyes. "I told myself not to fall for you, to save myself from getting heartbroken. But this changes everything. I have feelings for you Harry. Be honest with me... Do you like me?" she looked up at me, her eyes full of compassion. That's when I knew without a doubt, she was the one. "I have since freshmen year." I said blushing. I leaned in and we were about to kiss when her friends Scarlett and Rachel came running around the corner "Blakely! Where we're you?!" Scarlett yelled. "um... Come on! We erm.. Don't want to be late for practice" Rachel said once they realized what was going on. "well... See ya around" I said helping Blakely to her feet. "maybe we could go for coffee sometime." she said with a warm smile. She picked up her things and they all started to leave. Just as they were about to go she comes up and gives me a peck on the cheek "bye" she whispers in my ear and with that she was gone.
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