A twisted love story

This is a story of true love, and how it is found with your heart and not your eyes


2. The class flirt

Chapter 2-
   "good morning class! I have assigned you new seats. The chart is at the front. Find your name and take a seat" Mrs.Briggs said as the girls and I walked in. I strolled to the front of the room and scanned the list. Reagan, Reagan, Reagan found it! I was in the third row to the back. So I wouldn't be noticed but I could still focus on the lesson if it was something important. Rachel was directly in front of me yes! Scarlett was a few people down from me, but she was on my row so we could still talk on occasion. I was sitting next to a girl named delilah who was nice but fairly quite and on my other side was.... Uh oh...... Oh no this wasn't happening! Yep. It was happening alright. Right next to Reagan in little print it said "Styles". 
   I groaned and turned around to see Harry at his seat with a big, cheeky grin on his face staring right at me. This was going to be a long class period.
   I  shuffled over to my seat and plopped down. " hello love" he said with that cheeky smile of his. Those dimples made his smile irresistible. Why did he have to be so darn attractive!? "hi" I replied as unenthusiastic as possible. "how are you liking the new seating?" did he want to be killed?! I just glared at him. Then I decided to have fun with things "how could I not be enjoying my seating? My bestfriend is right in front of my, my other bestfriend is on my row, and I'm sitting right next to the idiotic guy that can't get it through his head that I'm not interested!" I said with a fake smile. He looked shocked and then shot me a big grin "what makes you think I'm interested?" he said stepping closer to me. "I don't know. Maybe it's your constant flirting" I said taking a step forward as well. " your not the only girl I flirt with. Don't flatter yourself love." he said leaning down to get closer. We were so close that our noses were almost touching. "And I bet I'm not the only girl you get this close to either Harry?" I said pulling away and sitting in my chair. "your right" he whispered into my ear." I save that for the special girls" he said with a wink. I was so mad at him and I wanted to slap him right then and there. Wait! Did he just call me special? Yes he did! But wait, he was a player and I wasn't interested. I'm not imtrested. I said it over and over again in my head. And with that class started.
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