A twisted love story

This is a story of true love, and how it is found with your heart and not your eyes


5. Spill it

Chapter 5 (Scarlett's POV) 
the walk home was silent. Rachel was listening to her iPod and texting me. We were debating whether or not to ask Blakely what the heck happened between her and Harry! Last time I saw her she was giving him the "If looks  could kill you would be 6 feet under" look and just now she was millimeters away from kissing him! Rachel was just as confused as I was. Meanwhile Blakely was just staring at the ground smiling like an idiot. I looked over at her and let out a small giggle. She was smitten and it was adorable! Her and harry really would make a cute couple. 
We finally made it to my house and I looked at Rachel and she gave me a small nod. We walked in and I shut the door behind me. "ok spill it" Rachel said the Blakely. "I don't know what your talking about" she said not looking at either one of us. She just shuffled back and forth blushing. "you know exactly what she's talking about" I said with a smile. "so you and Harry huh? Well I knew it was going to happen eventually." Rachel said walking into the kitchen. "yeah? You don't even know the whole story!" Blakely said. Her hand flew to her mouth and she went wide eyed like she was surprised that she actually said that. It was odd, like she said something she wasn't supposed to. "then why do you tell us?" I said. She sighed and motioned for us all to sit on the couch. 
(Blakely's POV)
This was it. I was finally going to tell them I was fantasychick. I had to and I guess now was the best time. We sat on the couch and I just looked at Rachel and Scarlett for a few seconds, trying to figure out the best way to tell them. I had no clue what to say! Rachel opened her mouth to say something when the words flew out of my mouth "I'm fantasychick". I blurted it out before I could stop myself. They sat there for a while with shocked looks on their faces. The Scarlett spoke up "what are you talking about? No you're not..." she said shaking her head. "yeah. Don't you think If you were the real fantasychick we, your best friends, would know?" Rachel said. "im serious! I was embarrassed to tell you guys because I didn't know what you would think of me if you knew I was a writer." I mumbled looking at the ground. "prove it" Scarlett said narrowing her eyes. "ok.... Um.. Hand me your laptop" I said getting an idea. I logged onto the fantasychick website and typed in the username and password. "hey Rach. You still have that thing where you get a notification every time fantasychick updates her website right?" I asked not breaking my gaze from the screen. "yeah?..." she said still confused. I typed a short note into the computer 'hey guys! Just checking up on my fans :) I'm thinking about writing a new article about high school. Comment your thoughts :)' I clicked the post button and sat there.Rachel's phone went off and they both looked at me in shock. "oh...my...god..." is all Scarlett could say, which was more than Rachel who stood their with her mouth wide open. "but wait what does this have to do with oh and Harry?" Rachel said still confused. "well I have been talking the this guy on chatterbox and he didn't know who I was, just that I was fantasychick... We have been talking for a few months and I was kind of falling for him even though I didn't know who it was..." they both nodded signaling me to go on. "well today I left my journal open in the classroom today and when he went to pick it up he saw on the front page that I talked about my new blog...." "fantasychick" they both whispered at the same time. " he gave it back with a note that said we needed to talk... When I met him outside... Hetoldmehelikedmeanditoldhimilikedhimtoo." I said as fast as I could. "what?" Rachel asked. I sighed "he told me he liked me and I told him I liked him too. He told me that he was the guy I had been talking too and it was going so well until you two showed up!" I said a little disappointed that I didn't get that kiss. "AWWWEEEEEE!!!" they yelled making me blush a deep red.  Just then my phone went off. It was harry "hey beautiful :) I was thinking about you<3" I smiled like an idiot. I thought this happiness would never end. I guess I thought wrong
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