A twisted love story

This is a story of true love, and how it is found with your heart and not your eyes


1. Secret blog

   l opened my  locker looking for my history books. I got them out and shoved my math stuff in my locker from last period. I was about to shut my locker door when I caught a glimpse of the most gorgeous guy I had ever seen.
                       * * *
I'm Blakely. I'm a senior at a small high school in Holmes chapel. I'm your typical popular girl... Tall blonde with blue eyes, captain of the cheerleading team, bubbly personality and all of that good stuff. And just like every popular girl I had a big secret... And my secret was my blog. 
   It was called Fantasychick and it had become wildly popular! (at least in Holmes chapel) it was full of fairy tales and articles and every kind of writing in between. Now I know it was silly to keep it a secret, but I don't know what everyone would think of me if they knew I was a geek who had a blog and liked to write! Plus I like having the satisfaction of knowing that people like my writing because it's good and not because Blakely Reagan, the most popular girl in school wrote it. I had even met a guy because of Fantasychick! Well I hadn't exactly met him, and I didn't even know who he was but he and I had been chatting on this website called chatterbox. Its this website where you can talk to random people your age that live near you. I started to talk to him before my blog was popular. And when I mentioned that I wrote the blog he said he actually read it! I haven't told him who I am and he hasnt told me who he is but I know that he goes to school with me and that he is in my year! He helps me with my writing and is my inspiration. We talk almost every day about our favorite books and quotes and authors. I don't really care who he is. As a matter of fact I don't want to know, and to be honest it's because in scared. I don't want to be disappointed with who my mystery guy is because...I think  falling for him
                           * * *
   As I looked up from my locker there he was. He was like a god sent from heaven, every feature of his body perfectly sculpted. And that smile made me want to melt. He was the hottest guy in school... His name was Harry Styles.     
   He had a thing for me and I thought he was drop dead GORGEOUS! We would be the perfect couple, Blakely Reagan and Harry Styles. But he was a player and a flirt and the last thing I needed was to be played. How would that make me look?
   He walked by and winked at me. I felt weak at the knees and tightened my grip on my locker. I rolled my eyes and started towards my next class. I caught up with my friends Scarlett and Rachel. "hey guys! Are you ready for practice tonight?" I asked getting the girls attentions, they we're on the cheerleading squad too."yeah! Are you guys busy tonight ? I was thinking we could hangout at mine before the big game tomorrow!" Scarlett asked. "Sure! I'm not busy. What about you Rach?" "sounds great! I have something I want to tell you guys.". We all walked into history and took our seats.
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